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Monday, May 11, 2015

Lisa Scheller and Wayne Woodman Continue to Buy Elections

You might think Dean Browning is spending a lot of money to become a Lehigh County Commissioner.And he is. His latest campaign finance reports reveal that he raised $43,000 and have spent $22,000 of that plus another $20,000 for an in-kind donation from a PAC that he set up and funded a few years ago.

But he's running against Wayne Woodman and Lisa Scheller.

They are the moneybags behind the latest Gang of Four, consisting of Marty Nothstein, Vic Mazziotti, Brad Osborne and Amanda Holt. They have raised $50,000 and spent $44,000. Out of that they have spent $31,000 for Campaign Pilots. That's the new campaign consulting firm sett up by the Republican Action Team (RATs). I'll have more to say about them on Tuesday.

Of the $50,000 they raised, $15,000 or 30% of it came from the husband and wife team of Wayne Woodman and Lisa Scheller ($7,500 from each). Brad Osborne donated another $7,250. So the three of them donated 45% of the money they raised. Interestingly enough Marty, Vic and Amanda are not listed as donors although Amanda's parent's donated $1,000.

A run down of what Wayne and Lisa have done over the past 2 years is as follows:

  • They paid for 40% of Mike Schware's campaign in 2013 (they donated $10,000 to him)
  • They paid for 26% Scott Ott's campaign in 2013 (they donated $55,000 to him)

So since 2013 they have spent $95,000 on just Lehigh County government races. And they are the primary donors (30% and 40% respectively) for 5 out of 9 current or potential County Commissioners.

That can't be healthy for County government.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Browning may have played some real political games with his action pac that benefits him. Sounds kind of strange in some ways, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

he raised $43,000 and have spent $22,000 of that plus another $20,000

For a job that pays $7500? That's insane! Dean needs to go away.

Anonymous said...

As the Republicans say, the right to spend money on elections is freedom of speech.

Way to go, Repubs.

Anonymous said...

It seems like a large portion of Browning's money is coming from PAC's and people out of the county, sometimes even from out of state. That's odd for a county commissioner race.

Also, it seems that the team of four candidates is spending about $11,000 each compared to Browning's $44,000. That hardly seems to be "buying an election". If anything, it seems like everyone will have the chance to get their message out to the voters. That's good for democracy.

Far more disturbing is Browning's campaign literature that is full of half-truths or outright lies.

Maybe Browning figures that smears and outside money are his only hope of winning.

Anonymous said...

Our Democrat governor spent a zillion dollars on free speech to buy his office and it worked. As long as it's known where the money comes from. Obama outright lied when he said he'd take taxpayer financing for his campaign. Rs may talk a big game about money = free speech. But Ds truly own this tactic and have schooled Rs on it several times.

Anonymous said...

Bernie thank you for informing your readers that the candidate to spending ratio for 1 individual is $42,000:1; while the candidate to spending ratio for your "gang of four" is $11,000:1 . Numbers don't lie, it certainly looks like Mr Browning is looking to buy an election.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:04, well as usual the cra-cra right wingnuts react predictably. In a discussion about a neighborhood swimming pool they scream about the ocean.

Calm down guys.

Anonymous said...

Browning's literature, and that of his various allied PAC's, has been absolutely awful in this race. It's obvious he's not going to let the truth get in the way of his agenda. He's so desperate to attack the current Board members that he's regurgitating weak old accusations from years ago that have no relevance to the upcoming election. It just comes across as pathetic and sad.