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Monday, May 11, 2015

Repyneck Meets Bottom-Feeding Blogger, Face to Face

David Repyneck is one of three candidates in the hotly contested race for Magisterial District Judge in Hellertown and Lower Saucon Township. The other two candidates are the incumbent, David Tidd, and Attorney Amanda Kurecian.

"Be a man and meet me face to face," Repyneck told me last week, after I posted stories that raised some questions about his candidacy.

So I did. On Friday, I met him at the Hellertown Diner. He told me to be a man and talk to him face-to-face, but brought his wife. One of his supporters, Lanita Lum, also crashed what I thought was supposed to be an interview with the candidate. Both had lots of negative things to say about Tidd. But I was there to hear from the candidate, not them. Eventually, we had to consign them to another table. Here's what I learned.

1. Repyneck agrees he should be at Tuesday's debate. - On Tuesday, the League of Women Voters will host a debate for the three candidates at the Hellertown Library, 7 pm. Repyneck had declined because he was meeting a potential donor at that time. But if my series of blogs about this race has done nothing else, it has convinced him that he owes it to voters to be there. he reportedly is clearing his schedule to do so, though it's still unclear whether he will attend.

2. Allegations made by Repyneck's ex are a nonissue. - Although I felt it was important that Repyneck respond to serious allegations made about him by his ex-wife in several police reports, his simple denial is good enough for me. He has never received so much as a parking ticket.

3. Repyneck running on his last name. - He is a second cousin to Diane Repyneck, who held office before Tidd took over. She has made no endorsement, preferring to be Switzerland in this race. But he's running on his last name. His web page even includes a "Repyneck Family in Criminal Justice" section. If this were a Kingdom, I could see him claiming some sort of right to the throne. Theoretically, it should make no difference what his last name is, but the Repyneck family is well known in Hellertown and Lower Saucon. That alone will get him votes and might even win the race.

4. Repyneck is scheduled to take Magistrate's course. - Tidd and Kurecian, by virtue of their law degrees, are automatically certified to become magisterial district judges if they win the election. Nonlawyers like Repyneck must be certified. He lacks that certification, but is enrolled in the four-week course commencing June 1.

5. Repyneck prejudges. -  During the interview, he would say things that, on further questioning, appear to be untrue or questionable. Let me give you an example. He accused Hellertown Mayor Richard Fluck of destroying a Repyneck sign near Fluck's home. When I asked him if he was sure Fluck destroyed that sign, Repyneck stated, "In my opinion, yes. I believe he did."

There's absolutely no physical evidence to support that opinion. Nobody saw Hizzoer out in the middle of the night, ripping out his signs. But Repyneck is willing to prejudge Fluck because Fluck supports Tidd.

6. Repyneck has filed ethical complaints against Tidd. - In an email confirming our interview, Repyneck claimed that "your boy TIdd is currently under investigation for Judicial Misconduct. Did you know that ??????" I didn't. That was one of the first things I questioned.

At first, Repyneck was evasive, calling it "word on the street." Then it was anonymous sources he was unable to reveal . But as I pressed, he finally acknowledged that he filed one complaint and his wife another. He filed a complaint against Tidd because he did not like the way Tidd spoke to his wife when she was circulating a petition on her husband's behalf. That's obviously frivolous.

A second complaint against Tidd, filed just last month, concerns Tidd's representation of Repyneck's wife in December 2012. She was being sued in a collection matter, and Tidd was recommended as a good bankruptcy lawyer. Neither he nor she was aware that he was the judge in the collections matter.Once he became aware, the matter was transferred to another magisterial district judge. There is nothing improper here. Had Repyneck really thought so, why did she wait until April 2015 to make a complaint?

7. Repyneck's troubling views about PFAs.- During our interview, Repyneck displayed contempt for Protection From Abuse Act (PFA) Orders, even though a magisterial district judge has the authority to grant or deny an emergency PFA. "When women want to screw with a man, thy play the PFA card," he insisted. "It clogs up our judicial system." It appears that his own negative experience has made it questionable whether he can be fair and impartial.

Pennsylvania's Protection From Abuse Act (PFA) was adopted because our criminal law is inadequate for dealing with the violence that sometimes arises in a domestic environment. Police are reluctant to get involved, especially when battered wives drop charges only days after they are filed. So this domestic, non-criminal law was adopted. It includes a temporary protection order, which can be issued based on the testimony of just one person, to provide some basic protection from violence, as well as a cooling off period.

It can be abused by parties seeking a keg up in a divorce or custody. But anyone who sees the women walking into the courthouse, day after day, beaten and bruised, will quickly agree it is a much needed tool.

I have done my own research on these actions, and know the following. First, contrary to what Repyneck claims, PFAs have actually decreased in Northampton County over the past dozen years. Second, over half of the temporary PFAs issued are later withdrawn or dismissed. This could mean that the parties were able to cool down and sort things out. But what's disturbing is that, in many of the withdrawn cases, the files contain photographic evidence containing proof that there was violence.

Tomorrow, I will write about some of the claims Repyneck has made about Tidd.


Anonymous said...

"Repyneck had declined because he was meeting a potential donor at that time."


7. When may I raise money for my campaign?

You may never personally raise money. Once you are an announced candidate, your committee may begin to raise money no sooner than thirty (30) days before the first day for filing nominating petitions in a primary or the last day to file the declaration of candidacy in a retention election. Also see response to question No. 8 below.

8. Is it necessary to form a campaign committee?

Generally, yes. Pennsylvania specifically prohibits judicial candidates from personally soliciting funds or publicly stated support. Canon 7B(2) of the Code of Judicial Conduct states that “Candidates...should not themselves solicit or accept campaign funds, or solicit publicly stated support, but they may establish committees of responsible persons to secure and manage the expenditure of funds for their campaign and to obtain public statements of support for their candidacy.” Therefore, it is necessary for a candidate for judicial office to create a campaign committee in order to properly handle these issues during the campaign. If, however, a candidate does not wish to raise funds or solicit publicly stated support, he or she is not required to form a campaign committee.

12. May I serve as chair or treasurer of my committee?

No. Canon 7B(2) of the Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits a judicial candidate from soliciting or accepting campaign funds or soliciting publicly stated support; such activities are permitted only by the candidate's committee. Because the committee is authorized to engage in activities which are not permitted by the candidate, the candidate may not serve as chair or treasurer of the committee.

Anonymous said...

TIDD is going to win re-election quite handily. He has lots of signs in people's yards not on highways. This guy was just trying to capitalize on his last name.

Anonymous said...

MDJ Rule 3.10A magesterial district judges shall not practice law before any other magesterial district judge in Pennsylvania. The Repynecks might have a legitimate complaint. Although it was the other side that was actually prejudiced if this is true.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, Atty Tidd would not be practicing in front of another magisterial district judge. He would be in bankruptcy court.

Bernie O'Hare said...

3:17, That is an interesting point forgot candidates are prohibited from soliciting funds themselves. Yet there is Repyneck, telling me he has a meeting with a potential donor.

Anonymous said...

On 4/17 he also personally solicited campaign contributions on his campaign Facebook page. He signed the post "Dave".

Leslie Repyneck said...

Mr. O'Hare,

This is exactly why I wanted to be at your "interview". Please do not try to make my husband look less of a man with my presence. You have twisted statements. I support my husband well over 200%.

The statement concerning the Mayor Fluck you twisted, the statements concerning the ethical complaints against Tidd is twisted, the statements concerning the PFA are twisted. The evening of the debate was NEVER stated a potential donor.

I never stated to you a good bankruptcy attorney--- My exact words were "an attorney in Hellertown that does bankruptcy". A good attorney would not need to be the magistrate.

You also did not include the whole truth about the handling of my collection issue and taking the case as my attorney. Once he was AWARE he was the judge------ tell the rest. He knew he was the judge. Your not telling the truth Bernie.

I have witnesses that have no problem stating how Tidd treated me at Bergey's during a petition signing. I also spoke to Tidd concerning the way I felt about the way he confronted me.

And using the Repyneck name---- it's his name. Should he change it to Tidd?

Your assumption of David Repyneck not having endorsements by the previous District Magistrate and Diane Repyneck being on vacation, SERIOUSLY????? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Where would you be if you had the choice?

Please understand the difference between negative statements and the truth. I spoke the truth.

Please do not discourage people from running for office with this kind of blogging.

Best Wishes to all three canidates.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ms. Repyneck, I was specifically told vby Repoyneck that he was unable to appear at the debate bc he had a mneeting set up wioth a "potential donor." His words, not mine. I also quoted him accurately in his remarks about Mayor Fluck. As for meeting with a good bankruptcy attorney, it may be that you just said a bankruptcy attorney, but I question why you would want to meet any attorney unless you thought he was good. He is running on his kast name and it may very well win the race for him. It is the strongest thing he has going for him. I do not believe that he has the endorsements of former Magisstrate Repyneck, so I stand by that statement. As for Rpyneck knowing he had that case, you told me that you yourself did not at the time know the judge.

Anonymous said...

Per Facebook - "Hey everyone, I just wanted everyone to know that my website is up and operational. It is very basic at this point. There will be more information posted the site in the next week. There are emails for donations and volunteers. I would appreciate any monetary donations and time to work the poles on May 19. Paypal is available for donations. I will be out this weekend posting signs. Thank you everyone for supporting me! Dave"

Um, Dave, I think that's a no-no.

Leslie Repyneck said...

You are absolutely incorrect and thankfully there was another witness.

If I was to gain something, I would look for a good attorney. I had nothing to gain but alot to lose.

I did not know he was the magistrate but he sure did.

I'm not gonna continue to go back and forth with you.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand, for the life of me, why Repyneck met you at a diner to answer your dumb questions.

now, I'm definitely not voting for him. wtf?

Lanita Lum said...

You lie right from the beginning! YOU consigned ME to another table? PLEASE!? You threw such a sissy hissy fit, obviously intimidated, I finally said, "FINE, Bernie, I'll just sit at the table RIGHT NEXT TO YOU." Jerk! SV Community: Believe NOTHING this man writes. He's so full of shit he makes my septic system smell like roses!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Lanita, The fact is that you crashed what was supposed to be a face-to-face interview with the candidate. The person who challenged me to "be a man" instead hid behind the skirts of two women, despite an email from me to him telling him quite clearly that it would be just me and him. I am not interested in your views. I am interested in his. So yes, you were consigned to another table and there would have been no interview had you insisted on interrupting. As it was, both you and his wife tried to bail him out every time he put his foot in his mouth. As for your ad hominem, that just makes clear what kind of person you are.

Anonymous said...

If Diane supports David why doesn't she have one of his yard signs out??

Anonymous said...

Small town politics at it's finest. Incumbent judge has all the support from previous clients and friends who he has "helped" by having his own lawfirm represent them in front of him. One of those being the "honorable" Mayor... "Ethical"? hahaha. especially after stating in public he would disolve his firm if elected, in 2009.LIAR! I never read this rag blog, because the author has no credibility and not much in the character department. But personal attacks on an honest man can't go unchallenged....

Bernie O'Hare said...

Now we see Repyneck dishonestly bash the Mayor simply bc he supports Tidd. It is getting pretty disgusting in here.

Anonymous said...

Bit of a jump making the false statement Mr. Repyneck is bashing the Mayor when you have no clue who made the comment. The Mayor , with his families problems (criminal and otherwise) is a laughing stock to most.

Anonymous said...

And thank you for giving credence to my comment on you character and credibility.