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Friday, May 29, 2015

Morning Call Features My Grandson's AAU Basketball Team

My grandson Dat Lambert and head-banded Mikey Esquilin, are the
two players in white who were selected all-tournament in Ohio.
Time to brag a little. Sorry. After basketball season finished last year, my grandson immediately started playing AAU basketball. After school, he hits the books, and then starts shooting until it's time for practice. His team, the McHoops Blue Chips, was just featured in The Morning Call. It's a collection of 8th and 9th graders from Becahi, Central Catholic, Parkland, Emmaus, Easton and Whitehall. They are coached by Dawud Abdur-Rahkman, an assistant coach at Muhlenberg College. The team has outright won two tournaments and came in second at a recent tournament in Ohio. It was just invited to play in this weekend's Parkland's Trojan Classic AAU tournament.

Dat with Jared Sullinger
So far, I've missed all but the first tournament. I've been assigned dog-sitting duties. But on Saturday, I'll get a chance to watch them play.

In case you're wonder how a freshman guard stacks up against an NBA player, wonder no more.

In Ohio, Celtics power forward Jared Sullinger, 6'9", came to watch the kids play, and posed with my grandson Dat during a break. Now Dat is nearly six feet tall, but compared to Sullinger, he looks like a peanut.

I think I could take them both, but don't want to embarrass them at such young ages.


Anonymous said...

Kathy allen could take that boy

Anonymous said...

Dedication pays off! You should be proud and have earned bragging rights. Enjoy the game and do not give a second thought about all the haters who are green with envy.

Anonymous said...

"Take them both." Where? To McDonald's? Yes, you should be very proud of Dat. He is young yet. Could be a big growth spurt ahead. If he reaches 6'5" he would be as tall as the stack of bad press that Brown gets in a year. Or the bullshit his minions stack up in front of council.

A I said...

He looks like a point guard, if he keeps hitting the books and the gym there is no limit to what he will accomplish.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" Where? To McDonald's?"

Dat won't eat that, so I'd have to eat it for him.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:09, Really, on this post?? Take a chill pill and get back to the real world.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Dat. He and you should be proud.

Anonymous said...

Just like there is always room for jello, there's always room to insult John Brownstain.

Anonymous said...

Ten Cathy Allens couldn't take Dat.

Hope for much success for this fine looking young man.

HelenP said...

Nice to take a break from politics and celebrate good kids/good deeds. Congrats to Dat, his team mates and all families and supporters.