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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

McClure Top Spender in Bethlehem Tp Mini-Judge Race

We'll have to wait until May 19 to see who wins Bethlehem Township's crowded race for mini-judge. Three Assistant DAs and two non-lawyers are after this front-line judicial job. According to expense reports filed with the elections office, Sandy McClure seems to be in the best position to pick up at least the Democratic nomination. She's spent the most money

Her pre-primary report reveals that she raised $10,858.33, of which $10,000 came out of her own pocket. NorCo Council member Ken Kraft, who also is a union agent, kicked in another $600. She has spent $9,558.81 on mailers, signs and robo calls. She also paid Tom Severson, not as a consultant, but for his street lists and mailing labels.

Bill Blake has raised $4,100, most of the money coming from his family and fellow attorneys, as well as a $543 in-kind donation from Nuria DiLuzio for a fundraiser As of the time he filed his report, he had only spent $75, and was keeping his powder dry.

Pat Broscius has spent $1,929 of her own money for yard signs. She also picked up $3,160 in small contributions, and has used that money for handouts cards and stickers.

Bryan Altieri has only received $265 beyond the $2,126.04 he lent to his campaign. Although I have seen signs sprinkled throughout the township bearing his name, he claims to have only spent $163.22..Much of that is for his cellphone.

Andrew Tupone reports having spent $1,197.53 in his quest for mini-judge.


Anonymous said...

You slam Abe for using Severson but it is OK for McClure. Are you playing to a double standard?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I would be slamming her if she used him as a consultant or to send out mail. She only used him to buy street lists. She spent $300. Abe spent $37,000, which is obscene.

Anonymous said...

I hope she does not win

Anonymous said...

I hope she loses too. Other female
candidate appears more than
qualified and deserving.

Anonymous said...

She should win by sympathy vote for having to go to bed with LaMutt every night.

Peter J.Cochran said...

I Don't care who spent what . Pat Broscius is the most seasoned person for this job . My parents live in the venue- that is why I have an interest in this election .

Ovem Lupo Commitere said...

Like I commented on Kassis post, the sheer volume and size of the mailings is a turn-off, just like in Lamont's Exec campaign. "McClure Top Spender"... how's the song go, "can't buy me love."