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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nazareth Police Ass'n Awards $500 Scholarship to Nazareth High School Senior

Earlier this year, Nazareth Borough Council condemned the police association for their annual fundraising letter because it told recipients they could verify the group's legitimacy by contacting the police department.That's actually pretty sound advice. I wish nonprofits and charities would follow this example. What does the police union do with the money raised? Throw a kegger? File another grievance? No, what they do is help the community. It's why most of them became police officers. They've just proved it with a $500 scholarship to a graduating Nazareth Area High School Senior.

This Nazareth Borough Police Association is actually a pretty small group. Its membership is limited to full-time officers Alan Koch (veteran), Fred Lahovski (veteran, lifesaver), Stephen Schleig (Eagle Scout) and Adam Shimer (lifetime resident, Iraq war vet). It is part of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

Nazareth Borough also has a large contingent of part-time officers. They are ineligible for participation in the FOP, and that's just fine with Borough Council because our wise leaders can pay these guys $22 or so per hour to put their lives on the line with no benefits, no pension and no union protection. Some of these are fine officers anyway. Some are not.

Friction has existed between the borough's so-called leaders and its full-time officers for years. Whatever the current bone of contention, whether it's a TV at the station or a fundraising letter, the real problem is that Council detests the union. To make matters worse, civilians with no police training think it's their job to participate in law enforcement. While oversight is a good thing, Council members have actually tried to use police to tip them off about undercover state police operatives at the social clubs. Incredibly, Nazareth's Mayor was until recently the president of a social club with a long history of illegal gambling. Under the Borough Code, he is actually in charge of the police department. That's the last place where someone like him belongs.

While the town fathers made sure they were preening peacocks at the lead of the Memorial Day Parade, Nazareth's full-time police officers are on those streets in the middle of the night, when a burglar alarm is going off.  

Without any fanfare or accolades, these full-timers have been participating in random acts of kindness over the past year. A woman whose car was totaled in a car accident got a replacement, thanks to their efforts. A single mother having trouble making ends meet got a cash donation. And now a young lady who wants to attend West Chester University has received $500 towards her tuition.
Nicole M. Boylan is the winner of the Nazareth Borough Police Association's 2015 Scholarship Award. The award is based upon a competitive essay submission from applicants who attend Nazareth Area High School, or residents who attend a private or charter school. The topic of the 2015 essay was, “The three most essential qualities of an American Citizen.”

Boylan, 17 years old, resides in Upper Nazareth Township with her parents, Michael and Chris Boylan. She has just completed her senior year at Nazareth Area High School and achieved a class rank of 13 out of 396. While at Nazareth HS, Ms. Boylan participated in Student Government, Senior Executive Council, Mock Trial, Model United Nations, Girl’s Cross County, Girl’s Track & Field, and Winter Track. She also served as a Blue Eagle Ambassador, Middle School Cross Country Volunteer and Miller Keystone Blood Drive Volunteer. She was named as a Student of the Quarter, Scholar Athlete and to the National Honor Society.

At West Chester University, she plans to major Business Management.

This scholarship is possible through the Nazareth Borough Police Association and the Nazareth Area Community who contributed to that fundraiser.

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