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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eastern Pa. Weather Authority: "We Blew the Call"

At this time yesterday, Eastern Pa. Weather Authority was predicting a blanket of 9-14" of snow by this time today. I am delighted to report they got it wrong. Here's their explanation.
We blew the call, and everyone blew it - and amending or lowering your original call is not nailing it either. No one got this right, plain and simple. It reminds us of the March 5-7th, 2001 epic fail "blizzard" that never was - very eerily similar. Everything looked great through early this evening, and then everything took an abrupt turn for the worse. So although we put countless hours of time and effort into this one, we failed. Yes we got and will get snow, but nowhere close to the epic amounts that up until today looked to be spot on. So this is our "man-up" post. It wasn't hyped, it wasn't sensationalized. It was the right call from a physics and forecasting standpoint, but in the end, mother nature humbled us. It is our first large scale blown call by our staff of meteorologists for our coverage area this year, and this one stings a lot. And will continue to sting until the next one we're sure.
I don't know about you, but i'll take this kind of failure. We can all breathe a sigh of relief. As Matt Dees asks, "Why complain about a blizzard that didn't happen?"

Updated 1:46 pm. Lehigh Valley With Love published a story entitled "Can We Finally Stop Saying How Great The Eastern PA Weather Authority Is Now?" But blogger George Wacker decided to redact portions "solely on professional courtesy."

This is the first time I ever heard a blogger refer to himself as a professional.

He snidely adds, "[W]e have the original saved if they decide to take the shitty route." But he's already beaten them to it.
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