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Monday, January 26, 2015

Atiyeh-Connected Attorney Seeks NorCo Council Seat

Attorney Mickey Thompson, age 41, has announced he's running for the District Council seat being vacated by Democrat Lamont McClure at the end of this year. Thompson, a Republican, may have company. Former Council President John Cusick, another Republican, is reportedly mulling a run as well.

Thompson, who lives in Bethlehem Township with his two sons, is the Chief Operating Officer at Saucon Valley Manor, Whitehall Manor and Pennsylvania Venture Capital, Inc. These are all Abe Atiyeh ventures.

Thompson also led the drive in West Easton for Atiyeh's treatment and work release center. Council approved a lease for that facility by a 8-0 vote in 2012.

Because of his connection to Atyeh, Thompson would be disqualified from participating in the discussion or voting on any Atiyeh matter. But his sympathies lie with what he calls entrepreneurs. "I understand that economic development starts from the budding entrepreneur at the local level, not at the County or the State," he states. "In order to turn the economy around and bring jobs to Northampton County we need to provide more support to these entrepreneurs at the County level."

One thing beyond dispute is that Thompson would bring a wealth of knowledge about nursing home facilities. He states,
“In 2011, the voters of Northampton County affirmed the obligation to provide care for our elderly citizens. I believe that my experience with the operation of these facilities will be invaluable in managing and supporting the care of the residents, while at the same time maintaining the costs for the sustainability of Gracedale."
A Moravian College and Syracuse University College of Law grad, Thompson has practiced law in the Lehigh Valley since 1999. For nearly all of that time, he was Bethlehem Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor.

This is Thompson's second stab at elected office. He ran against Michael Hudak in 2013 for Bethlehem Township Commissioner. He lost that race, 385-315.

Mickey is also a coach and council member at Bethlehem's Northwest Youth Athletic Association, where John Callahan played as a young man. He's also an Assistant Scoutmaster at Troop 318 in Bethlehem, PA.

His greatest achievements are his two well-mannered and very pleasant sons, whom I have met at several public meetings.


Anonymous said...

What D's will run? Stoffa lives in that district. If he ran, he would win. And maybe hold Brownie's feet to the fire.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Stoffa lives in Allen Tp, which is art of the district. So does Bill Wallace. i believe Stoffa would have an excellent chance of winning, despite my support. But he has not made up his mind. I've been urging him not to run, knowing he does the opposite.

Anonymous said...

He could get elected and then sell Gracedale to Atyieh, done deal!

Anonymous said...

I'd worry Atiyeh would be a silent partner in some new development that would go before the council. The only word that comes to mind when considering Thompson is, "Shill."

Anonymous said...

Abe --- silent partner. I don't think so. Abe is never silent on anything

Anonymous said...

White hall Manor has a hefty list of inspection violations and problems

Bernie O'Hare said...

So do nearly all nursing homes. Paperwork alone is a problem