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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lehigh Valley Tea Party Becoming Political

Up until now, the Lehigh Valley Tea Party has been mostly an educational group. Though it took stands on issues like immigration, it refused to endorse candidates for office. But that's about to change. As a result of recent changes to its by-laws, it will now work "to help Constitutionalists get elected, and to help remove those who fail to keep their oath to the Constitution."

It likens its role to the unions. "[P]olitical power comes from controlling a block of voters, or a block of money, and preferably both. This is exactly what makes unions powerful. All politicians understand that most union members vote based on who the union itself openly supports or opposes. So they control that block of voters, either real or perceived. Unions also receive huge amounts of money. Much of this goes to buying political ads, for or against a candidate."

Whether this group raises money or is effective will be seen in the municipal races this race.


Anonymous said...

No shit., That's all they have been doing since they started. Hell, in 2013 in Northampton County they got the Republicans elected. They may be selective in the Republican primaries but lets be honest despite their protestations they are solid Republican in the Fall. Just as their founding funders the Koch Brothers want them to be.

Somehow this doesn't seem like any kind of news.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That's because you're stupid. A group that was barred from engaging in political activity has suddenly decided to raise money and push slates. Just like the unions. That's something people with brain cells would want to know.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, they have been doing it all long. You closed your eyes to it before and now you notice. So who is being stupid?

They did nothing but political activity in past elections. Oh excuse me, they called it "education".


Bernie O'Hare said...

When they crossed the line, I pointed it out. But for the most part, the LV Tea Party has been a strictly educational organization. Now they have changed their by-laws, will raise money and will also have manpower to siupport candidates. This is a significant development. The fact that it eludes you is a mental weakness that will hopefully not be shared by more moderste groups .

Anonymous said...

Of course it is not good. The bright spot is it will now be in the open. May be easier toi monitor. They were in fact doing these thing sunder the broad rubric of education. Voter turnout, canvassing and candidate position literature to likely voters was out there by them. It was all claimed to be "educational"in nature. In other words they were bullshititng and playing the system of laws they so vigorously defend, unless they disagree with them.

Like calling having sex exploratory biology.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare is a tic tac wielding lech who needs chemical castration

Anonymous said...

the teabaggers are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

unions suck - particularly public unions

Anonymous said...

Just checked out the LV Tea Party page. What diversity! There were actually 2 or 3 angry white women interspersed amongst all the angry white men.

Can anyone say "completely irrelevant"?

c said...

Lots of people are unhappy, hence we have the Tea party. While I don't agree with a lot of what they do, I staunchly support their right to do such within the confines of the law.

Anonymous said...

Democrats suck
Unions suck.
Liberals suck
ACLU suck
NAACP suck
Paid for by your local teabagger watchdog.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"O'Hare is a tic tac wielding lech who needs chemical castration"

The above comment is from Mezzacappa, who appears to have been up all night again.

Anonymous said...

Not a Tea Party member, but I believe in limited government and upholding the protections our Constitution give us. So, hate me!

America needs to give up the simple Democrat versus Republican paradigm.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

The American Civil Liberties Union sucks. I agree with the teabagger. We all know we can only rust teabagger types to insure the civil rights of all the "right' kinds of Americans.