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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Zaworski Rules Out NorCo Council Bid

Zaworski (far right) on his first night in office three years ago..

As I told you on Monday, Lamont McClure has decided against seeking re-election to his Northampton County Council District,  During redistricting, Republican Williams Township was added, and Democratic Bath Borough was taken away.  This district did vote for Tom Wolf, a Democrat, in the Governor's race last year. But in all the other contested races, it voted heavily Republican. So with McClure out, who is running?

I know one Democrat considering the race, but he has not decided. I'd imagine that former Council President John Cusick, who distinguished himself as an independent voice during his eight years in office, is considering seeking the seat. But Marty Zaworski, President of Bethlehem Township's Board of Commissioners, is not.

He acknowledged yesterday that he has been approached and is "flattered" to be asked. But he's staying put. "This is the place I grew up," he says of Bethlehem Township. "I want the best for the township and all aspects of life here."

Zawarski, along with Phil Barnard and Tom Nolan, are up for re-election. Fomrer Township Manager Howard Kutzler, along with former Commissioner Art Murphy, are reportedly interested in running.


Anonymous said...

Rs who voted for Wolf are members of the Paterno Cult. It's a powerful cult that abuses and sacrifices children to its martyred god, Joe Paterno. Go Penn State!

Anonymous said...

He was never running for cc. Abe found someone else so he can keep Marty there and gain one on the county.