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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Ferraro, Geissinger Re-Elected Council Prez and VP

Scott Parsons with his Major Award
With two members participating by phone, Northampton County Council reorganized during a brief meeting yesterday. Council President Peg Ferraro was handily re-elected in a rare bipartisan display. All Republicans, along with Democrats Scott Parsons and Bob Werner, cast their ballots for her. Ken Kraft voted for himself and Lamont McClure abstained.

Though Glenn Geissinger was re-elected VP, Council did so along party lines. All Republicans voted for Geissinger while all Democrats voted for Kraft.

Under the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act, local legislators may participate in meetings and vote over the phone, but they have to be able to hear what is being said prior to any vote. Acting Clerk Linda Zembo had to remind phone participant Mat Benol that he was choosing between Kraft and Geissinger during the Vice President polling.

The only business that may be conducted during a reorganization meeting is the selection of President and Vice president. Council adjourned immediately after the election.

Council member Scott Parsons, however, was presented with his Major Award for his phenomenal 97% attendance record during 2014. It was a statue of a tiny Belgian workhorse that I picked up at Nazareth's Tractor Supply Store for $3. He immediately pointed the horse's rear towards me and asked me if it reminded me of anyone.

Everybody's a comedian.

We'll see how much he laughs when I turn his ass into the Ethics Commission tomorrow for accepting a bribe.


Anonymous said...

different day - same shit

Anonymous said...

Peg made a deal to stay in the President position. Geisenger wants to be president so badly he can taste it.

Anonymous said...

Hope they get the boot at election time.

Anonymous said...

his guy is beatable in District four. He didn't win, Angle lost. A solid Republican in District four wins in 2015. The numbers just don't lie.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I migt agree with you, but Brown has damaged his party while simultaneously awakening the Dems. So ths will be a race between a blue collar guy who works his ass off and a transplant in a $600,000 home who spends more time on the road than he does in the lehigh Valley.

Anonymous said...

"and a transplant in a $600,000 home who spends more time on the road than he does in the lehigh Valley."

Who is this guy that he is running against?

Bernie O'Hare said...

You'll see.

Anonymous said...

Your track record on politics is not so good. How about that Callahan sure thing?

Parsons' ego writes checks his ability can't cash.

Doe she want to be a state senator or a county councilman, or doesn't he know?

Much like Callahan v. Dent, you also smacked this guy when it was Parsons v. Angle.

You are a fickle suitor Mr. O'Hare.