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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Barron: Row Office Staff Shortages Create Embezzlement Risk

On Friday, President Judge Stephen Baratta warned Executive John Brown that it's time to start hiring people in the beleaguered Civil and Criminal Divisions. When the public does not know what is happening in a given case for six or more weeks after a filing, it's safe to say that access to the courts is being denied.  Court Administrator is worried that a major error is inevitable, and this could end up costing the County millions. Now Controller Steve Barron has joined the chorus of complaints that first began on this blog last year. He's added a new concern - embezzlement.

Human nature is such that, no matter what controls are in place, people are going to steal. But it's far more likely when there's lower staffing levels.  The County becomes vulnerable to an employee who might think he or she can get away with it. Also, it will become far more difficult to collect the fines and costs owed,

You can read Barron's memo here.

Northampton County Council Republicans currently have some sort of motion to have barron drawn and quartered. Seth Vaughn, Mat Benol and Hyaden Phillips, none of whom have particularly good attendance records. want barron put to death because he's a youth referee.

In the meantime. they've done nothing to address critical staffing shortages at the jail, row offices, Gracedale and in Human Services.


Anonymous said...

Barron is still a buffoon. Just as McClure would make a horrible county executive. They just appear better now in comparison to Brown. Of course Joe Stalin seems better in comparison to Brown.

Still believe we need an alternative to Barron. Also for the love of God please have an alternative to Lamont McClure to run against Brown.

Thank YOu

Anonymous said...

Barron von Footinmouth should know embezzlement. He was caught stealing time from taxpayers - and then lied about it. What a piece of unethical crud. No silly dress or hilarious lisp can offset that. Mr. stompy flowers should pipe down and apologize for his misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

this boy has no credability

Anonymous said...

Barron has a great deal of credibility with a lot of people and even the folks that have questioned it in the past have really began to notice his recent hardwork.

He held Stoffa accountable (a Democrat) and is doing the same thing to John Brown.

This is exactly what a controller should do.

Anonymous said...

Barron has risen from the depths of integrity to its summit due to the fraud and failings of the Brownstain administration. Brown and his Blundering Herd of administrators now occupy the sewer where Barron used to swim. Those on council trying to muzzle Barron should be ashamed of themselves. Keep the pressure on those crooks, Steve!

Anonymous said...

Barron was is and always will be a clown. He, McClown and ole Krafty are all peas in a pod. They are as useless as Brown.

If voters think Brown is bad vote for the McClown fool. Wait till you see the patronage with that slime ball.

Anonymous said...

John Brown has made Mr. Barron very likable. I know I am glad he has been standing up to this crappy administration. Thank you Mr. Barron for not joining the John Brown puppet show!