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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bethlehem Tp Monthly Reports - December Highlights

Once every month, department heads provide a monthly report to Bethlehem Township Commissioners. They provide a perspective from the people who actually do the work. Here are some December highlights:

Township Manager - Melissa Shafer reports that, thanks to a new phone system, a live person will answer every phone call to the Township. She is currently working on a 5-year financial plan, which should be available for review soon. Finally, a four-way stop sign at Chester Avenue and Santee Road, sought by numerous residents will be installed on January 21. A traffic study concluded that it could be justified.

Police - Police were kept very busy in December by counterfeit currency at Southmont mall, credit card fraud at Valley Restaurant and a drug task force bust that yielded drugs, guns, a vehicle and $10,000 in cash. Officers made 24 misdemeanor and felony arrests. They investigated 74 accidents involving 142 vehicles and 11 injuries. They issued 102 traffic citations, 70 warnings and 40 parking tickets. There were 6 summary offense cases and 5 DUIs.

Public Works - Leaf collection lasted through December as a result of snowstorms.There were216 visits to the yard waste recycling center.

Finance - The Township received 99% of all real estate taxes budgeted and 98% of all community center fees. As a pleasant surprise, the Township received 281% of what it had budgeted for construction fees. Actual revenues and expenditures matched at $18.9 million.


Anonymous said...

Any mention of an out of control mold problem at the community center?

Bernie O'Hare said...

No. problems at the community center are mentioned and dealt with as they arise. I am aware of nothing that is "out of control."