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Saturday, January 31, 2015

DiGiacinto - "God's Gift to Us For 61 Years"

Bethlehem City Controller David DiGiacinto, the fiscal watchdog who died unexpectedly on January 26, was laid to rest on Saturday. Funeral services were conducted by Father Abraham Ha at St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church at a mass attended by over 300 people.

A reading from Ecclesiastes told mourners there is a time for everything, "a time to be born, and a time to die." In his sermon, Father Ha praised DiGiacinto, not as a City official, but as a "husband, a father, a son and a friend. God's child." Recalling DiGiacionto's extensive collection of hats and T-shirts, Father Ha joked that DiGiacinto could "wear one a day and never do laundry." On a more somber note, the priest called him a "wonderful gift that God shared with us for 61 years."

Bethlehem's former City Council President, J. Michael Schweder, delivered a brief eulogy. "He refused to go along just to get along," Schweder observed. "He didn't follow the course, but he stayed the course," he concluded.

DiGiacinto, a graduate of both Liberty High School and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, served with distinction as an Air Force pilot for six years. After resigning his commission in 1981, he spent 18 years at Pfizer, where he held various positions in sales and management. At the time of his death he was Chairman and CEO of Axiom Power.


Anonymous said...

May you rest in peace DiGi

Anonymous said...

God Bless the family.
RIP Dave,

We know those who are sincere with their condolences and those who are fakes and frauds. They are fooling no one with their public displays.

Stephen Antalics said...

I have the highest respect for Dave whom I knew as a gentleman, dedicated public servant and one who always attempted to do the "Right Thing". It will be some time before someone his equal will again serve this city for individuals of his ability and character are very difficult to find

Anonymous said...

Agree Steve. Unfortunately the Bedlam Dems only vote for kids that live with their parents. As long as the yearbook picture is there.