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Friday, January 30, 2015

Northampton County Races Update

NorCo Liberty Bell
Since I last updated you on this year's County races, there have been a few changes. let me fill you in.

Controller: Republicans have found a candidate from the northern part of the County to go after Controller Steve Barron, but she has not announced. Neither, for that matter, has Barron.

Judge: It's still a three-way including Abe Kassis, Sam Murray and Vic Scomillio. Judges Anthony beltrami and Paula Roscioli should have no trouble in their retention campaigns.

District Attorney: John Morganelli, a conservative Democrat who is tough on crime, is someone who is just as popular at a tea party meeting as at a union hall. He  will likely see no opposition.   

District One: Bethlehem, Freemansburg, Hellertown and Hanover. Incumbent Ken Kraft has already announced his intention to seek re-election on this heavily Democratic district. Though Republicans claim to have someone in the wings, his or her identity is still a state secret.

District Two: Easton, Forks, Glendon, West Easton, Wilson, Palmer, Stockertown and Tatamy. Though this is thought to be a Democratic district, that really only applies to Easton and the small boroughs around it. The other areas are mostly Republican. But Democrat Bob Werner hasalrady announced his intention to seek re-election.  It's unclear whether Mike Dowd is running, but republicans will try to capture this district.

District Three: Nazareth, North Catty, Northampton, Allen Tp, Bethlehem Tp, East Allen Tp, Lower Nazareth Tp, Lower Saucon Tp and Williams Tp. This district has become much more Republican since the last census. Incumbent Lamont McClure, who suffered a recent unexpected family loss, is taking some time off. Democrats who live in this District include Gerald "Jerry" Seyfried and John Stoffa, both of whom are former county Executives.  Jerry has already ruled out running, while the always-unpredictable Stoffa keeps his own counsel. Republican Mickey Thompson has announced, and inside word is the former Council president John Cusick intends to announce soon.

District Four: The Slate Belt and northern tier, this is Republican country. Incumbent Scott Parsons has announced his intention to seek re-election. Two Republicans - Nazareth School Board Prez Lorin Bradley and tea party darling Matt Dietz - have announced.

Bradley, who has quite an extensive resume, is being pushed by Glenn Geissinger. Hayden Phillips is behind the Dietz campaign.


Anonymous said...

Because of your hatred for John Brown you are skewing the story somewhat. Mr. McClure can't win in November. Polls show this. He would lose to a Republican, in fact just about any Republican. Since he wants to run for county executive that would be a disaster. The "time off' you mention is a calculated political move on his part so as not to damage his run for county executive.

I am sorry for his loss. However, I doubt that it, in and of itself is the reason he is not running. This decision was practically made a few months ago.

Bernie O'Hare said...

There's no question McClure would have a very difficult race. But I believe that, but for his personal loss, he'd be running. And i don't hate John Brown. He happens to be a very bad county exec, and that would help McClure and is going to help the other Dems.

Anonymous said...

Its you right to your opinion. The polls show he would lose regardless of Brown. No secret he is running in 2017 for executive and a loss would basically kill that ambition.

Anonymous said...

"Polls" = your attempt to validate your opinion. No recent polling has been done.

Anonymous said...

please keep all the sitting fools. I live to get up every morning and read about their insane antics.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

8:03 you are probably spot-on

Anonymous said...

Werner and parsons are very vulnerable is the Republican works and spends some money.

Anonymous said...

No question that if McClure faced Cusick, McClure would have gone down. The county executive theory for his not running is the most plausible one circulating around out there.

Anonymous said...
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Bernie O'Hare said...

The blog mentor is no longer relevant

Anonymous said...

Hum, northern tier of the county? Who did John Brown, or Cathy Allen find to run against Steve Barron? Steve and the Brown-Allen team have never got along. Brown-Allen must have went out shopping!

Anonymous said...

All the Democrats will have great opponents. Most of the Democrats will lose. County Council will end up 8-1 or 72 Republicans.

The polls are pretty solid.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that the Rs lose big this year. Send a message to JB that government by consultant does not work.

Anonymous said...

The Republican candidates are all solid people. Kraft may be the only survivor and that is only because of the Democrat sheeple in Bethlehem

Ovem Lupo Commitere said...

While I wish they would to wake Bethlehem Dems up and get them out to the polls, why would the GOP field a candidate against Kraft?

Anonymous said...

If they are serious about the Controller, I doubt they will. Should be light turnout in the Fall which will help the Republican Controller race.

While it would be appealing to show how weak Kraft is even in a Democrat stronghold, it is not worth it. Good Republican candidates have a great chance in Districts two, there and four.