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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

There's a Crook on Lower Nazareth's Planning Commission!

That's right. Everyone knows about it, and has for years. Nobody will do anything about it either, not even the papers. If you ask this Crook, she'll blatantly admit it, too.

Except she's mot that kind of crook. It's her name. Linda Crook. She's the Chair of the Lower Nazareth Planning Commission. She is one of five planning commissioners who said NO to zoning changes for another Lou Pektor special during a meeting on January 20.

Pektor is the front man for some outfit that wants to sink a 498-unit apartment complex between Country Club and Hecktown Roads. But planners recommended against changing zoning from the current office park to some kind of residential mix.

Planners raised the following concerns: traffic; impact on an already overcrowded elementary school; adverse impact on the nearby Louise Moore Park; and the need for additional police protection at a time when Township Supervisors are considering a divorce from a regional police department.

I was unable to attend because I was on Bethlehem Township that evening, but zoning opponent Bob Hoyer filled me in on the details.

Hoyer, a former Supervisor himself, is the owner of Buza's Greenhouse, located at the corner of Newburg and Country Club Road. He tells me that he, and about fifteen other opponents, were at the Planning Commission meeting. I know, because I tried stopping there briefly and was unable to find parking in the small municipal lot.

The Planning Commission recommendation is nonbinding. Supervisors are free to accept or reject it.

Given the relationship between Manager Timm Tenges and Pektor, as demonstrated in the above photo, my guess is he'll try his damned best to help out his fishin' buddy. I'm sure there's nothing at all wrong about a developer taking a Bethlehem Mayor and Bethlehem Township Manager on a fishin' trip to Maryland.

Or ... Maybe there really is a crook in Lower Nazareth.

Maybe Executive John Brown will hire Tenges next.


Anonymous said...

I hope he does not pick Tenges for anything important. Brown is really striking out with real hands on full county experience. I mean Good God!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I heard his name mentioned as a possible Director of Admin. From what I know, I doubt he'd take it. He is paid well and does not get the kind of scrutiny he so obviously deserves in Lower Nazareth. I can guarantee that would change for this manager.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of room to expand the roads in that area.

Easy on and off access to major highways, just like Ft Lee NJ!

Anonymous said...

They don't want housing. They don't want industry. What do they expect will ultimately be done with undeveloped parcels in that area? Good thing their developments on open space got there first.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Now that is not true. The land is zoned office park. This means they would be just dandy with some kind of commercial use that would have far less impact on the school system, police services and the land. If they would not be fine with it, too bad.

But Supervisors want to change the zoning to accommodate Lou Pektor, They want to change zoning for a defaulting developer who would not even name who is involved in his venture. They want to change zoning for a developer who has suspicious ties to the Township Manager. This stinks to high heaven, worse than the fish Callahan, Tenges and Pektor are holding.

Anonymous said...

Tenges will probably never work in a job where he has to answer to anyone. He is the lord and mayor of Lower Nazareth. What he says, goes; and how dare anyone question.

Anonymous said...

Well if they do end up bending over for him, hopefully they hold out for a sweet new community center like Palmer, Hanover and Bethlehem Township got.


Anonymous said...

I don't think this is a good fit for Mr. Tenges. Some county background is becoming essential.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the LN supervisors already vote on something against the PC's recommendation in December, related to this development? Thanks for this story Bernie.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the LN planning commission did an about face. I seem to recall, the PC was an integral part of the Lower Nazareth and COG Comprehensive Planning process. Seems they didn't have a problem with the zoning change then. So because a few puppet masters behind the scenes float a dubious inflammatory picture intended to slander Mr. Tenges, the township is supposed to walk away? I don't think so. Bernie, where are the facts?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I believe this zoning change was before the PC before and voted down before. Yes, the picture is inflammatory bc it shows a Township Manager and a Mayor on a fishing trip with a major developer. It creates the impression that the relationship is just a bit too cozy. Now who's fault is that? Is it mine for publishing it? Or is it the parties in question, whose poor judgment is obviously beyond dispute.

You can't have it both ways. If you are an idiot and cozy up to people who want something from the government, don't be surprised when you're called on it.

I have spoken to other managers who won't even do lunches with developers bc it creates an appearance of impropriety.