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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pawlowski to Solve Cold Weather Crisis

We all know that the cold weather has aggravated the homelessness crisis in Allentown. But don't you worry. Mayor Edwin Pawlowski has the situation well in hand. He plans to deliver one of his trademark State of the Cities address on Friday, where he'll tell everyone that the Renaissance is finally here. Really! He's not kidding this time. It's unclear whether he intends to use a power point.

How does this help the homeless? Simple. The hot air should be enough to heat the entire lehigh Valley for weeks.In fact, one Express Times reader is pushing King Edwin to give his speech today. .


Anonymous said...

I thought he solved the Braden Airfeild problem with this big wind from the reality group one rockafeller center too? this all with the help of Patt White realators and the multilisting book?

Robert Schelling said...

Look everyone, the only comment on this story comes from Silly Rabbit, AKA Redd, AKA George Schaller of 622 1/2 Park St. Allentown... His misuse of the question mark along with his lack of proper spelling is his calling mark. George is a good troll as he trolls wherever he can.