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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hanover Goes For Regional Recycling Grants

Ryan Ingham
At their January 28 meeting, Hanover Township Supervisors voted 4-0 to adopt a regional approach to recycling. They authorized Hough Associates to pursue a multi-municipal approach to the Township's annual recycling grant. This regional approach is expected to result in increased revenue.

Township Secretary Lori A. Stranzl told Supervisors that the annual DEP Recycling Performance Grant has dropped from $109,000 five years ago, to just $40,300 last year. Ryan Ingham, representing Hough, explained that his firm would turn that around. "We have a staff dedicated to doing this all year round," he explained.

Hough, which represents sixty municipalities throughout the state in multi-municipal groups, referred to what he calls the Lower Macungie Group as an example. That consists of Hellertown, and Bethlehem, South Whitehall and Lower Macungie Townships. South Whitehall's recycling award jumped from $57,000 to $81,000. Lower Macungie jumped from $55,000 to $126,000.

By working together, municipalities get a higher performance grant from the state.

In addition to preparing a multi-municipal grant application, Hough also increases the grant award by contacting haulers, processors and brokers to maximize all residential and commercial recycling data. Township staff can work on other matters.

Hough will be paid 1/3 of whatever additional revenue it can generate beyond the $40,300 paid to Hanover last year. If no additional revenues are received, Hough gets nothing.

In other business, Township Manager Jay Finnigan told Supervisors that he has been elected chair of both the County Tax Collection Committee as well as its Gaming Board.

"They see the same thing we do," noted Chairman John Diacogiannis. "What's that, a sucker?" wisecracked Supervisor John Nagle.

Supervisor Steve Salvesen, recuperating from a leg injury, was absent.


Anonymous said...

these people do not represent Bethlehem

Tom Marshall
Recycling Director
City of Bethlehem

Anonymous said...

"That consists of Hellertown, and Bethlehem, South Whitehall and Lower Macungie Townships."

Mr. Marshall's glasses don't seem to be working and should a municipal official be posting on a blog. Clearly states Bethlehem Township.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, Tom, I was referring to Bethlehem Township. I did not want to write "Bethlehem Township, South Whitehall Township and Lower Macungie Township." I figured I would use Townships in the plural to avoid the repetitive use of one word in a sentence. But I obviously misled you as a result. Sorry. Not your fault. Next time, I will include the word, even if it strikes me as repetitive.