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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Is Gerwig Resigning in Upper Mount Bethel?

Supervisors Robert Gerwig may be resigning his post as Supervisor in Upper Mount Bethel Township. But he's not talking about it. Not exactly.

When i heard the rumor yesterday, i gave him a call and told him I heard that he submitted his resignation to Supervisors following their Monday night meeting. Apparently, it was right after they unanimously voted to make Mr. Hankey the official mascot in Upper Mount Bethel.

I tracked Gerwig down on the phone.

"Howdy Ho, Mr. Gerwig!"

- "Who the Hell is this?"

"This is Bernie O'Hare, the Christmas poo. Actually I'm a blogger."

- "What the Hell is a blogger?"

"I write stories, kinda' like a reporter. ... Except everything I write is bullshit and I do no research."

- "Did Angle put you up to this?"

"Heavens, no. I hate the guy. He wants to spread shit everywhere. Anyway, I'm tracking down a rumor that you'e resigning and gave Supervisors your letter of resignation on Monday night. True?

- "Not exactly. I don't speak to the press. Good night!"

Women hang up on me all the time, but this is a first from an old fart. He probably sensed I was about to hit on him. But he called me a member of the press. That hurt.

I'm a bottom-feeding blogger, damn it!

My conclusion?

Gerwig is calling it quits, but the rumor is "not exactly" correct.

Gotta' love the complete lack of transparency, though. How do these guys get elected? Oh yeah, we just elected a Northampton County Executive who acts the same way.

So who will take over? Well, Ron Angle is wearing his Commodore outfit again. I thought that meant Brown was appointing him Sheriff, but I think he'd prefer Supervisor so he can make Upper Mount Bethel a shit friendly place to live.


Anonymous said...

Hurt feelings? Perhaps acquiring a puppy will help?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that picture of the poop be turned the other way? The pointed part usually is on the tail end.

Peter J.Cochran said...

U got'M Bernie!

Anonymous said...

I think that is a picture of Mr. Angle

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie, check out a story Lehigh County. Muller dropped the dame sex benefit provision signed by Croslis. During the campaign he said he would honor it. Now he has "thought" about it after conferring with lawyers and will only do it if the Republican commissioners(who twice rejected it) approve it first.

This is what happens when
Democrats anoint a country club Republican as their candidate and pretend he is a Democrat.

HaHa!! Suck on that!

Has Muller bought that NEW CORVETTE YET??

Bernie O'Hare said...

If I thought you were intelligent, I'd respond.

Anonymous said...

I forgot. You hate Scott Ott, so a lie by Muller that negatively impacts innocent employees is OK.

How nice of you.

Better to go after an old slate Belt manger who just wants to be left alone then a county executive who lied to get elected.

Anonymous said...

Thanx again I can barley read with my gut busting laugh as I must finish resding your article and as I sit here try to type still laughing witch is not much anymore? The cause of the local political atmosphere in this Brown Hole Law thing?

patent pending