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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Frantz, Donaher Treated Kindly By Personnel Committee

Northampton County Executive John Brown's picks for Human Services and Community and Economic Development, Allison Frantz and Diane Donaher, were treated kindly by the Personnel Committee yesterday. Council members Ken Kraft, Mat Benol, Scott Parsons, Bob Werner and Peg Ferraro were there. Werner and Kraft posed most of the questions.

Allison Frantz

Brown proposes to start Frantz at $95,921 per year. She speaks a strange language, and may have set a world record on using the word "intersection" about a gazillion times. She also used strange phrases like "maximizing the continuum", "decision trees" and "funding thread." But her lexicon also includes a phrase that must be music to a Republican's ear - "fiscal accountability." She insisted she would bring this and that is why she chose to work for John Brown instead of applying to be Director of Human Services in Lehigh County. "The fiscal component will be an equal partner with the program component," she told Council.

I guess they don't care about fiscal accountability in Lehigh County. She certainly doesn't, or she never would have mismanaged the HAO program.

The maximum number of employees she has ever supervised is eight. There are currently four people under her.

She has no experience in veterans affairs, none with nursing homes, and has only dealt with unions on a "low level."

Diane Donaher

Donaher, who will start at $83,718 per year, basically puffed herself. She's someone who "knows the players," including Alan Jennings, as though the two people from her office who are on his board do not. She mischaracterized the current office as one that goes nowhere. "What they need is some one to lead and get out there in the community," she stated, completely ignoring all the outside work done by that office right now.

She described working on the BethWorks project and then Ken Kraft told her he worked there, too, and never saw her.

She also claims to have worked on a KOZ in Bethlehem. That's interesting, because Bethlehem has never had a KOZ or a KOEZ.

Maybe she worked on one in the vineyards of Bucks County.

She then tried to take credit for BassPro's recent interest in Bethlehem, noting she had taken the company on a tour about 11 years ago.

I'm sure that cinched it.

Based on Frantz' record in Lehigh County and lack of qualifications, I would vote against her. And after hearing Donaher falsely claim to have worked on a KOZ in Bethlehem, I'd pass on her, too.

But they will both likely be confirmed.

And may God have mercy on our souls.


Anonymous said...

They sound pretty weak. Good at spouting all kinds of feel good googoo. The HS candidate sounds like the if she says a lot of insider jargon and phrases she will sound more knowledgeable.

Fiscal responsibility is wonderful but I doubt she is the first HS Director who has ever worked at it.

Brown could use a life preserver because I think he is treading water with these picks.

Anonymous said...

As though you have any better ideas. You would probably push one of your old retread guys. We don't want that.

Anonymous said...

reading the ET version of this meeting it appears that once again ohare has stretched the truth

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like Dee Dee really did her research. Hopefully she'll be that thorough on projects and other issues...(note sarcasm).

Anonymous said...

She clearly has no knowledge of what the county does in community and economic development. Thinking those people are tied to their desks is laughable. I didn't know the county could go backwards from Stoffa in this area but clearly this appointment is a step backwards. I guess anything that happens in Bethlehem she can take credit for since she had a conversation a decade ago.

Anonymous said...

HS pick has very shallow understanding of the program.Used BS language in the absence of knowledge and ideas. Way in over her head. Norco taxpayers should be fuming that someone with this lack of knowledge and experience will be paid $95 K. Fool's gold.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I was told Donaher was bubbly and likable. I found her a snake and unlikable. She thre a department abnd staff she never met under the bus. She tried to claim her nonprofit work was economic development. And she lied about KOZ.

Bernie O'Hare said...

5:58, Watch the video. I stretched nothing. Frantz did use a goofy lexicon, and Donaher did lie about KOZ.

Anonymous said...

Donaher would make a great chamber of commerce booster. That's it!. As far as economic development is concerned, she has absolutely no experience. What is worese though is her unwillingness to learn about it. Much easier to steal credit from those who do.

She is going to need a huge staff to compensate for the work she will not be able to do.

Heaven help NORCO.

Anonymous said...

Just like Ed Biz words at your parent teacher conference. Even on the NASA channel, they speck English. Her jargon leaded me to people that Propagate "waist with gorilla" government. She should teach people How It works and how to not be a dependent of defendant. Just noise traffic --- she's hired!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Although she will likely be confirmed, I would not vote for her. She is unqualified, threw the current staff under the bus and demeaned them, and was dishonest. She could never have been involved in a KOZ bc Bethlehem has never had one.

Anonymous said...

Human service's choice is very weak on overall program. How in the world is Brown selecting these people?

Anonymous said...

Prediction that Ms. Frantz will either go along to get along or be eaten alive by some of the sharks in human services. It is a tough department and unlike anything she has experienced in Lehigh County. She will be confronted if she try's to change anything.

I question her ability to do what she claims.

Anonymous said...

She'll do fine for $95K on top of a pension from Lehigh County. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Why not Pete Reinke instead of Donaher? Waaaay more experience.

Anonymous said...

Prediction; sometime in 2014 this Frantz lady will tell county council that major cutbacks in service will occur due to overspending and overpromising in the past eight years. Watch for an interesting report on the true cost of the new Human Services Building.

The county is facing a major crises in HS and needs a skilled and veteran hand, they don't have it. Only a matter of time!

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