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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Angle Makes Another BM

He's stirred up a shitstorm in Lower and Upper Mount Bethel Townships over ... well ... shit. He's none other than Ron Angle, the indomitable Northampton County Bulldog. He just made another BM.

That's right, folks. Ron was on Tony Iannelli's Business Matters last night, talkin' shit. Nobody does it better, not even Richard Sherman. He and I rolled around in the gutters with Lehigh County Democratic activist Bar Johnston (no relation to Archibald) and political strategist Michael Fleck.

We dissected the November election, talked a little about the upcoming Governor's race, and I got a shot in about the Sletvold nomination. Angle tried to keep a straight face while defending it.

Nobody was killed, but Fleck did let the air out of Angle's tires.

And I stole a Tony Iannelli coffee mug.

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Anonymous said...

you should change your picture. You are a lot fatter now.

Anonymous said...

Way to dress up. You and Fleck have more chins than a Beijing phone book. Although, some say TV adds those 125 LBS.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I gain weight and lose weight like a yo yo depending on whether I can exercise. I know my appearance would draw these attacks. But I don't really give a shit. I knew it would really annoy the hell out of the Blog Mentor, a publicity hound who apparently lied to his readers about being a regular on the Gunther show, starting this month.

Anonymous said...

It was actually a pretty good show.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks. I'll get a check out to you, but please wait ten years before cashing.

Anonymous said...

Good job not gagging having to sit next to a giant pile of dog shit.

Douche Bag said...

The month of January has a few days left in it. I must have misunderstood which year that the Liar Mentor "claimed" he would be a regular on the Gunther show. How do you know when the Mentor is lying? Either his lips are moving or his fingers are typing for him, his wife, and all the little voices in his head that he claims write on his blog. What a sad world when you can't even be truthful to yourself, Mr. Mentor.

Anonymous said...

"Good job not gagging having to sit next to a giant pile of dog shit."

Ron Angle is human shit not dog shit!