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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Allen Township Blogging Intern Is Fired

I won't mention this guy's name. He's pretty old, and is recently out of a job. So I dispatched him last night to cover the FedEx plant proposed in Allen Township, where he happens to live.

I got one report.

"Over 350 people here," I was told in a text message

And that was it.

Thanks a frickin' lot.

According to Express Times reporter Colin McEvoy, the number was 180.

Whether the number is 180 or 350, it's pretty difficult to stop a project if it is allowed by the zoning ordinance.


Anonymous said...

Colin was asleep most of the time. Trust your intern.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Maybe I should pay more than 50 cents.

Anonymous said...

Those people from New Jersey should have become involved earlier by organizing their neighbors to request a zoning change to residential or agricultural. Its too late now.

Anonymous said...

Like my granpappy used to say, "When you buy a house for the view, you'd better buy the view too." So tired of hearing uninformed neighbors of potential development sites tell the Township/Borough/City planning committees that they must deny the proposal to save our way of life! Should have reviewed the zoning regs for the land next to yours before you bought.

c said...

5:53 It doesn't matter where they are from, they are still people, and Lehigh Valley residents now. 150-350 residents at a township meeting, that's a lot of people. This development is consistent with our regional comprehensive plan, so they will have an uphill battle. Perhaps they can get some concessions that will make this a more sustainable development.

Anonymous said...

The airport authority has been advertising this land for years as future development. NJ developers came in and bought up farms around it at a cheap price, built their developments then left town. Now these people want the commercial development, that anyone who reads a paper in the Lehigh Valley already knew was going to be developed, to be stopped. They say they want to keep the beauty of the area intact, weel what about the beautiful land their homes used to be on? Guess destroying that land for their use is different than what FedEx is doing. hypocrites !

Bernie O'Hare said...

The trick is not to oppose, but get planners to add so many conditions that the developer will just walk away. It seems they are headed in that direction, from what i can surmise. But i was not there.

Chris Amato said...

Or better yet, try to make it a win-win if possible. Invariably they will need waivers and variances. That gives a local muni lots of bargaining clout. I hope the people in Allen Township stay involved so that this out to be something that is fair for all involved.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Chris, you are right. I was positing a way to stop a developer legally by loading up all kinds of conditions. But as a general rule, I believe strongly in a property owner's right to use his land as he sees fit. I sometimes shock myself at zoning meetings, which I regularly cover. I see very few plans or zoning appeals that bother me. I hate developers, but almost always agree with their plans, even when zoners and planners shoot them down? Am I subconsciously pro biz?

Chris Amato said...

It's OK if you are, capitalism with a conscience is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Bernie I was at the meeting. Some observations: it was one of the most publicly ignorant group I have ever witnessed. For examples many of them did not know that the planning Commission is appointed not elected; they did not know the township had a recently revised township land use plan, that you have to include industrial areas for future use; that you cant make a land owner keep growing corn if he/she wants to develop or sell it for other uses.

What is ironic about Allen Township is that twice--not once-- the voters have rejected a quarter mil earned income tax dedicated for open space. Talk about having cake and eating some one else`s too.
Finally though most speakers were respectful a few were down right nasty including a woman who came within a few feet of the Township Solicitor and said ..."and you...you are trouble."
It was an emotional uneducated about government group that you will ever find