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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lou Hershman, Team Accountant

All teams have trainers, equipment managers and coaches. Some even have psychiatrists and psychics. But the Notre Dame 8th grade basketball team has something even better. Accountant Lou Hershman. His Mensan mind keeps a running tally of points and fouls in each game. And during a close game between Notre Dame and St. Jane's 8th grade teams this afternoon, it was Hershman who pointed out that St. Jane's had committed enough second half fouls to allow one and ones. Refs went back to the scorekeepers table, and it turned out Lou was right.

Dat, the player fouled, sunk two free throws.

Notre Dame ended with a three point lead.

A St. Jane's priest, sitting in the stands, was so upset after the game that he became a Lutheran.

Angry St. Jane's fans were looking for Lou, but he hid behind a crucifix.

Blogger's Note: The player who won the tip off for Notre Dame is Caden G.


Anonymous said...

You are the shit, there were three gut busting reads this past week now? I have to love a mans writting that makes me laugh?

patent pending

Anonymous said...


I don't know what kind of camera you took those shots with, but it is good. I was able to change the settings on the youtube picture to make it HD and wow! That camera is good!

Bernie O'Hare said...

It certainly is not the photographer. It's a point-and-click Canon PowerShot SX 130. I love that camera. I once left it at the Allen gym and figured it was gone for good. But some kind soul grabbed it and held it for me. There are good people out there.

The camera is not good for action shots inside a gym. I would need a better camera.

I tried using the iPhone, too. I did not do well.

Bill Coker said...


I still keep track of things after moving to South Carolina and am happy to see Dat is still the consummate athlete. Looking forward to following his exploits in high school. Will he be going to Notre Dame, Nazareth, or Easton?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hi Bill, Thanks for the nice words. Dat is having fun with a nice group of kids. He's registered to go to Becahi next year, and is looking forward to it. he has wanted to go there for some time. He likes the school.

Bernie O'Hare said...

They played today at Holy Family, right up the street from your old estate.