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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Joe Kelly: Kids Matter More Than Politics

Joe Kelly
Bethlehem's former DCED Director, Joe Kelly, is now working for State Senator Lisa Boscola. He's counsel on one of her committees. On top of that, he serves on the Gaming Authority and Bethlehem's newly-formed CRIZ Board. The last thing he needs is more nights away during the week to sit on Bethlehem City Council. There's no doubt in my mind that Joe would be a great asset, but I told him several times that he should hold off until his kids are just a little older. Apparently, that's the decision he's made. Below you will see his letter to Council Prez J. Willie Reynolds:

I am writing to ask that you remove my name from consideration for the vacancy on City Council. Since submitting my application a month ago I have been weighing how a position on City Council will impact both my family life and professional life. Given the age of my twins and the commitments in my new job, I do not believe I will have the time necessary to commit to the position on City Council in the manner I believe such a position deserves.

Additionally, in speaking with several lawyers whom I respect, it was unclear whether I could remain on City Council and the CRIZ authority at the same time. Over the next four years, I think I can best serve the City by focusing with my fellow Authority members on a successful implementation of the CRIZ for the City.

Rest assured, it was not an easy decision and my request is offered with some reluctance. However, I do believe it is in my family's and my own best interest. I look forward to working with all of you in the future and if I can be of any assistance to you please do not hesitate to contact me.

Speaking from experience, I believe Joe made the right call. Every minutes he misses with his twins is a minute he'll never get back.

Bethlehem can wait.


Anonymous said...

Sonia is prettier anyway.

Anonymous said...

He did the right thing. The selection process has always been a sham. They will pick the Latino school principal as has been reported. It is part of the Democratic social engineering they enjoy. Of course like Ismael Arcelay she will be defeated next spring but some of the council members fear the Latino vote that never comes out. Besides, Karen has spoken.

Shame they make people go through a sham selection process.

Anonymous said...

Joe isa a class, competent at.

Anonymous said...

Willie Reynolds was no friend to Joe here. Joe was clearly the best candidate most qualified and knowledgeable. Most would say more than Willie which was the problem. Willie saw Joe as a threat to his future mayoral ambitions and let ego and fear get in the way of loyalty friendship and competency. Joe would have been a great asset to council and the city but Willie put himself first. Not a big surprise anymore. No doubt he will go around now saying he WOULD have voted for Joe. That is the type of snake he has become. Sad for a guy who showed some promise. Don't worry Willie people in the know saw you for what you are and the damage is done. Good luck in the future. You will need it.

Anonymous said...

Council got a tough choice. Article in mcall indicated some good choices, but all pale in comparison to Joe. Too bad he withdrew.

Think 9:06 is right in part at least.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the Callahan Clan is still working in the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Joe is a very capable individual. He would have been a great asset. Willie sees him as competition. After 8 years of Donchez I hope Joe is still around. Willie against Joe, no contest. I'll take Joe.

Bernie O'Hare said...

They are both good guys. I doubt that they have the animosity for each other that is being invented here.

Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with Callahan and everything to do with Joe and Willie. Don't be so sure Bernie. Joe has been there for Willie in many ways and for Willie to have not only not recognized that AND more importantly not picked the BEST person for the job says volumes about Willie"s character. Again this is not going unnoticed by those paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Willie would beat Kelly in a heartbeat. Kelly like Spirk are just old Callahan Clan public teat lawyers who can't make a living as real lawyers. These attempts to attack Willie are crazy. The Callahan Clan still thinks they are relevant, you are not.

Willie now needs to show his leadership ability. Hopefully he will break from the Dolan and Dem party mentality of giving this position to a Latino woman to appease a constituency that cries over no representation yet doesn't come out to vote. The so-called Latino vote is non-existent and this is the only way to get her on the council. She will run in a year and get knocked off by someone else.

Wille should show real leadership by stating the obvious. Ms. Velazquez may be a nice person but as a school principal and part of a hundred committees how the Hell much time will she honestly give to the city business? This is a bullshit game and a sad affair that will become obvious.

Willie should break form the pack form a coalition and actually make an independent pick based on the needs of Bethlehem and not chasing some non existent voting bloc or social engineering.

My sympathy to all the other candidates that actually thought that elections matter or that this was ever a fair and open process.

Disgusting, good old Bedlam politics. None of these clowns should ever attack Donchez since their politics and backroom deals put his to shame.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:17, you make good points. they did the same thing with Arcelay and he went down in flames in an election. However, the deal is done and she will be appointed.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Let's analyze what this anonymous reader says.

Point 1: Ismael Arcelay was a shitty member of council who could not win an election.

Point 2: Ismael Arcelay is Hispanic.

Point 3: Sonia Vazquez is Hispanic.

Conclusion: Sonia Vazquez would be as a shitty member of council who could not win an election.

This is the thinking of a bigot.

Anonymous said...

Of the remaining candidates, Sonia has the most experience working directly within and for the Bethlehem community, the most leadership training and time in the "hot seat", has served on more diverse boards and councils, plus she is an organized, hard worker. She has earned the respect of countless citizens from all walks of life and the support of leaders throughout the city.
So, what's the problem? Her race? Her gender? I don't understand the attacks on this Bethlehem citizen. If she wins, it's because no one worked harder to earn the seat and no one has such high Bethlehem-based credentials.

Anonymous said...

"If she wins, it's because no one worked harder to earn the seat and no one has such high Bethlehem-based credentials."

WOW! We were unaware she ran in the election and put in such hard work for a seat. What's that she didn't run, just wants it handed to her based on gender and ethnicity. Old Karen Dolan schooled her well. Those in the know, knew this was a Dolan wired deal form day one. The sin is the deception.

If you want to make the most logical pick it would be Dave Sanders.

Anonymous said...

"Sonia has the most experience working directly within and for the Bethlehem community,"

Oh joy! Just whet we need in government, another teacher. That will be just fine.