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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scavello, the NIZ Twins and Abe Atiyeh?

Yesterday, I told you that State Senator wannabe Mario Scavello has gained the goodwill of Northampton County Republican candidates by contributing to their campaigns in November. I reviewed the campaign finance records, and Scavello donated $4,450 as follows: County Executive John Brown - $2,450; Council President Peg Ferraro - $500; Council VP Glenn Geissinger - $500; Council member Hayden Phillips - $500; and Council member Mat Benol - $500.

In addition, Ferraro picked up $2,000 from the NIZ twins, i.e. J.B. Reilly and Joe Topper. They funneled $50,000 to Browne through the state republican party, but gave to her directly. Last May, after having lunch that day with Reilly, Ferraro was one of four Council members to vote against a resolution condemning the NIZ for giving Allentown an "unfair economic advantage" at the expense of other LV municipalities. "I think Allentown needs help," she stated at the time.

That $2,000 was a Thank You from the NIZ twins.

Ferraro also received a $2,000 contribution from Abe Atiyeh, along with an in-kind billboard ad on the same sign that featured Lamont McClure's mug during the primary.

Peg is prettier.


Anonymous said...

I love Mr. Brown more and more. Eating you up inside isn't it O'Hare.


Bernie O'Hare said...

For years, I have closely followed who contributes to candidates. This is simply what I do. You've got a bit of irrational hatred goin' on. Take your meds, Tricia.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone really surprised by this?? Peg has always been good at raking in the money and her votes have always coincidently leaned in the direction of the checks. She is good at being bi-partisan when in the minority but when in the majority she is a partisan samurai. Have never figured out why so many Democrats have a soft spot for her.

Her heart and soul are strong Republican and she follows the money.

Not surprised by the money going to the other Republicans. The big money boys like Republican government, it is so much more friendly.

Once again the teabaggers were just around to carry water and collect votes for the money Republican overloads.

Anonymous said...

Peg really is the lowest of the low in political terms. She's an avaricious backstabber and simply lies and lies and lies. What a despicable example of public service. She's the most concise example available today of what's wrong with politics.

Anonymous said...

Gee..no money for Seth Vaughn. Told you..he is not owned and will be an independent thinker/voter on this council. thanks for the confirmation Bernie.

Anonymous said...

TM..John Brown ignored you during the campaign and for good reason. Your endorsement was not asked for or is it now solicited. Thanks but no thanks. Move back to NJ.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Gee..no money for Seth Vaughn. Told you..he is not owned and will be an independent thinker/voter on this council. thanks for the confirmation Bernie."

I thought that before the election. Seth is a good guy. The only reason i did not support him is because he missed all those Planning Comm'n meetings.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Is anyone really surprised by this?? Peg has always been good at raking in the money "

Actually, Peg has been terrible at raking in the money over the years. I often wonder why she is so reluctant to push for money. This time, she got some nice donations.

"when in the majority she is a partisan samurai."

A partisan samurai? I never heard that expression before. Very good! I will steal it from you down the road.

Anonymous said...

A Look at the State Senate race:

With only 2 declared candidates, the early edge goes to Mario Scavello, big time! He beats Scott Parsons in every area, and has been actively campaigning for this seat for YEARS. His original announcement came in 2011, and he already calls himself Mr Senator. He beats Parsons with money (over $800 thousand), experience, support, and even looks. And Mario ain't good looking!!

On the Republican side, most of the potential opponents have been called off by the state leaders. So anyone has to be a renegade with money. Did I hear you say Ron Angle? Yes, in a primary, Ronny A would beat Mario S. Northampton R's would vote out the Monroe candidate. Other Repo's could be Nick Sabatine (if he isn't in jail), Mary Ensellin (Does she still live there?), and even John Brown, who would be running if he lost to Callahan. Also Don Albanese, who lost to Joe Emrick in 2012 primary. Craig DeFranco said he is running, but he always says that, and does nothing.

On the Democratic side it gets more interesting. The best candidate is NOT running. Richard Grucela would win a primary, and a general election. He measures up to Scavell with money and support. He is better looking and more well-liked. Don't count out looks in this race. The state team wants someone better looking than Mario. Which isn't that hard to find. Scott Parsons doesn't fit the bill.

In Monroe county, several Democratic candidates announced in 2012, but have now dropped out. This includes former Republicans (Ed Cramer, etc.) who didnt want to run againt Scavello. Debbie York has quietly announced she is running. She is liked by state leaders (better looking than Mario), but county people don't care for her. Another Monroe Dem (Sassman?) is rumored to be running. he supposedly has alot of his own money and might be better looking? Monroe Dem chair (Anne Tirracia) wants a Monroe candidate, even if it means losing to Scavello.

In Northampton County, chairman Walt Garvin wants someone who will win. And has worked on finding this person. Several names have been thrown out there since 2012 besides Grucela. The first was Charles Dertinger. Charles can raise alot of money, and has support from county and state leaders, but the guy just cannot win elections. Record on county level 1 win 3 losses, state level 0-1, federal level 0-1, total= 1 win 5 loss. Sorry Charlie you ain't the guy.

Since the state, (Daylin Leech and his lapdog Erin Platt) want a woman, Alicia Karner was approached. Although she has many qualities (better looking?), her attitude has created many enemies. She also just got a new job, and has little kids. So she is out. Karner is from Bangor, as is Executive John Brown and now Mayor Joe Capozzolo. Capozzolo ran for state rep in 2012 and lost to Emrick. He has alot of support but little money. He raised and spent about $1.00 per vote, and that ain't gonna win this election. He is better looking than the others, and has hair, which in this race is a positive.

Bottom line is, at this time Scavello is going to win. The money will win out. Rich Grucela is the Democrats hope.

Anonymous said...

@8:24. We shall see how you vote Seth.

Anonymous said...

I supported and voted for Seth, and I a Democrat, for just this reason..to do the right thing at all times and places. Party labels and associations can be deceiving. You won..now prove to us that we chose wisely.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Karner was approached was because of Lisa Boscola and Rich. They put in a plug for her. The state committee was not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Why all the hate for Karner? Whenever she is mentioned the attacks fly

Anonymous said...

Peg has never been shy about money or in-kind harder to find help. Please!

Anonymous said...

Know one on this blog is speaking to Scavello's complete lack of knowledge on the issues,miserable record,and inability to get anything accomplished that doesn't concern constituent service. A large part of his success is that he managed to run opposed 3 times. He won 2 elections with opposition, however, they weren't strong candidates.
In 2012 when Maureen Madden ran against him he has his toughest race. Madden with her in your face campaign slogan "End the Decade of Excuses", hammered him on the issues and his failure to pass any bill of significance and keep his decade long promise to end property taxes. In the end she lost, but I hear Mario is still bitter. She received several union endorsements including the Pocono Record's which had previously gone to Scavello(4 times ?). In the end she couldn't compete with the money. My point is Mario hates to speak about the issues or his lack of success in the house. If a candidate would surface who could get under his skin the way Madden did and raise money Scavello would be apoplectic. His temper has a way of getting the best of him at times.

Anonymous said...

"also received a $2,000 contribution from Abe Atiyeh, along with an in-kind billboard ad on the same sign that featured Lamont McClure's mug during the primary."

I would love to know how much direct money, indirect money (like supplying houses to establish residency), and in-kind costs (billboards) Atiyeh and his associates (e.g., Haddad, etc) spent on elections this past year between all of the County (or counties?) and various municipal candidates this past year. Tens of thousands between primary and Municipal, I am sure. While I am jealous that I don't have that kind of money to just throw around question, what drives that?

Bernie O'Hare said...

What do you think? Abe will back people who help him achieve his wown bottom line. He's not in this bc he cares about good government. The same thing can be said of a host of others, from Lou Pektor to J.B Reilly. I do not fault the businessmen for doing out. I do fault the system for letting them do it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

5:20, While you sound like one of those political experts, I think your recipe for defeating Scavello will fail. You need something more than the "He doesn't do anything" or "He is weak on the issues" argument. I think he'll be a tough guy to beat. He's got money, is somewhat moderate, has created scholarships, stopped taking per diems and even has some union support. He's also used some of his salary to set up scholarships.

I understand he's a New Yorker with a NY accent, and that won't play well in the slate belt. His social views are extreme, and he can be tagged for some pretty goofy views on abortion. Also, he is part of the cabal who pretty much screwed our educational system. I'm sure he supports tax breaks to the rich while cutting benefits to the disadvantaged.

But are there any people out there any more who actually care? Parsons has a blue collar background, and he may just care. But you experts may prefer someone who just pretends to care.

Anonymous said...

The "political experts" also said Callahan would win by a landslide. Grucela always dreamed of the Senate and he would jump if he though he had a chance, he doesn't. You people are funny, The Dem's will not only lose in Northampton County but in Monroe county as well. Actually parts of Monroe County are more moderate than northern Northampton county. All the so called flaws people mention are his greatest strengths in the race.

Barney Rubble can run and lose. Some say he is doing it to raise his profile for his District seat next year.
He doesn't' realize that he was the recipient of the perfect storm. Hundreds of pissed off Gracedale supporters were hot to trot and Ron Angle was a marked man, even in his own party. Party regulars said they had had it with his clown show and personal drama.

So Parsons will be history after next years elections.

There is not a Democrat mentioned that will win that set at this point. The big Dem money senate folks have already asked the most competitive and they walked away.

Only the self-deluded remain and the "political experts"

Dream on boys and girls, dream on.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Since when is it OK to deride someone who works with his hands? Those are the people who made this country great. While I will agree that Scavello will be tough to beat, smearing his opponent as you have is one way to do it. You see, there are a lot of people out there who work with their hands. Parsons can connect with them. And even I like Parsons, and I am one of Ron Angle's best friends.

If Scavello makes the mistake of being smug like you, then someone like Parsons will have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is Seth always on this site making positive comments about himself and signing annoyomous?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I love when someone anonymously claims that another person is posting anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Seth will turn out to9 be a disappointment., he is an urban Tom Dietrich. Not much there.

Linda Lovelace said...

ANON 11:09 most likely is Kristine Dolan. Seems to match her writing style. I could be wrong as well. The pretty redheaded chief of staff for Scavello. She has worked for him for years as a favor to her parents who are GOP committee members from Mount Pocono.

She did his free notary for local residents (that would not be done for well known Democrats or opponents to Mario's money backers).

Also, she would make birthday greeting calls to his constituents while working in his state rep office. Early on they used his State Rep office phone. Came up on the caller-ID. But once a prominent Democrat was accidentally called, they got some VOiP boxes to list it as being made from the House Republicans in Harrisburg to avoid the ethics violations when you look at the caller ID. However the people just happen to still be in his State Rep office.

He also has been connected to questionable matters with stipends, http://thetimes-tribune.com/news/legislators-collect-housing-stipend-while-owning-homes-1.629455

Trying to influence a judge on an active case for political gain http://www.poconorecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20131212/NEWS/312120305

Sent robo calls to Democrats in the primaries a few years ago, with the WRONG election date as a tactic to keep Democrats away in an effort to steal the other ticket nomination. (Yes, it is from an evil Liberal blogger. But it is 100% correct, that did happen here). http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/05/11/1090386/-Anti-Democracy-Tactics-Witnessed-in-My-First-Campaign-as-an-Organizer

Has never had a bill he sponsored passed. http://votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/47251/mario-scavello/?p=1#.UtfDG_vnMsI

And now, word on the street is he has been pulling the strings behind the scenes to keep South Whitehall Township resident, Harry Lewis the Chief of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police. Even getting one of his wealthiest contributors appointed to represent one of the member townships. Why is that an issue? Lewis somehow was not carrying his gun when he got home from work. Left the department owned car unlocked, and some thugs stole the department issued gun, which is now loose on the LV streets in the hands of a criminal. (1st story) http://wnep.com/2013/11/06/court-papers-police-chief-gun-stolen-still-missing/
(2nd story) http://www.poconorecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20131113/NEWS/311130328

(3rd story) http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/lehigh-county/index.ssf/2013/11/pocono_police_chiefs_service_w.html

Then there is the Mario Scavello "Bridge-gate". http://www.pahomepage.com/story/seventh-street-bridge-naming-controversy/d/story/2-9HUrusHka7RiH4B9BSAQ

Anonymous said...

anon 11:09 seems to know too much about candidates and is correct on many issues. The Dems are down to 2 in this race. Monroe county sources say Capozzolo and Parsons both spoke well at party mtg and would be supported. Joe Cap seemed to have a better ability to beat Scavello. His main issue is fund raising. Parsons doesn't have any money, and would need much more $ to win a primary and general election. Harrisburg will probably step in and pick thier favorite. Rumors continue about a Ron Angle primary challenge to Scavello.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The rumors are true. "Shit on them!" will be his campaign war cry. If defeated at the polls, he will mount a coup.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Closely follow who contributes to which Candidate? Ha yeah when you don't like a certain fello, Geeze Bernie there's alot of big hitter's out there that you pass up on, Sweep that stuff right under the rug, You have your own agenda, You toot your own horn and that's it, You burn both bridges bernie, A true blogger stays with the truth, You are a big phony !!, no different from the people that you are writing about, bottom line is who actually care what you think, you don't sway vote, shouldn't throw stones in glass houses bernie boy.

Bernie O'Hare said...

So then you're wasting your time posting this criticism as a Saturday Night Troll. If what I say has no impact, then what you say, anonymously, has even less credibility.

Anonymous said...

That's fair, but what you say isn't from you it's your cronies out there that pry on the one's that are actually out there making strides , making a commitment to the community, so you come along and knock them down, maybe you should run for something , ha yeah like you would actually win any votes, you blog is a fake as your profile photo, update that thing will you, oh i got a tip for you ? stop looking for something that isn't there and try to be more positive in your blogs, there alot of good stuff out there, p.s I'll introduce myself sometime

Bernie O'Hare said...

No you won't. You're a Saturday Night Troll, an anonymous coward who would never actually accept responsibility for what you say. Let me make some things clear to you, coward. First, nobody tells me what to write. Second, I have spent a weekend discovering some pretty disgusting stuff. There are very few good things happening right now, and not enough attention has been paid to the bad things out there. I will be telling those stories. Third, trolls like you just encourage me.