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Friday, January 03, 2014

A Judge With a Heart

Judge Giordano,with sister Margaret and brother Joseph
Though a snow storm was quickly approaching from the West, nearly 200 people attended Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano's retention ceremony on January 2. Nine judges, from recently elected Jennifer Sletvold to Senior Judge Leonard Zito, were also present. None of them could issue a Court Order banning snow that day, but they were able to wish Judge Giordano success over his next ten years no the bench. President Judge Stephen Baratta administered the oath.

Instead of politicians, Giordano's audience included high school friends, Moravian College fraternity brothers and family. Lots of family.

Judge Giordano with his mother Maria
A Hanover Township resident, Judge Giordano began practicing law in 1987. A triathlete at the time, Giordano taught aerobics to a class that included Congressman Charlie Dent, Judge Lenny Zito and Senator Lisa Boscola.  He credited Judge Zito with advising against running a negative race for DA against John Morganelli. Giordano lost that race, but went on to become a judge. John Morganelli was among those congratulating him at the retention ceremony.

Giordano said that, on the bench, his decisions will inevitably make one side unhappy. But he said his job is to hear everyone out. "One should only be deprived of liberty or property after being heard," he remarked.

Attorney Jay Leeson called Giordano a rare jurist who is "not afraid to admit he does not have all the answers."  But Leeson claims that Giordano's finest quality is that he "has a heart and he uses it."

Another attorney, Victor Scomilio, stated that Giordano's family "instilled a work ethic in him."

That family included Giordano's father, Joseph, an Italian immigrant who established the Pizza Village franchise in the Lehigh Valley. Though he passed away in 2010, Judge Giordano remembered and thanked his father yesterday for recommending the law over pizza.

Giordano is active as a coach and spectator in youth sports, from baseball to basketball.


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Great guy. Great judge.

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great plea bargainer