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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Unhappy Zoning Litigant Charged With Harassment

Six days after Bethlehem's Zoning Hearing Board refused to allow Richard Smith to continue leasing a basement apartment at 311 E. Fourth Street, he's been charged by Bethlehem police with harassment. He's accused of grabbing or pushing a building inspector on July 2, after being informed that the property has been condemned.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the building inspector and Zoning Board have a hard-on for this guy. He's owned the property for years that was bought as a 4 unit dwelling and approved as such. Then they find a "clerical error" that results in it becoming a 3 unit dwelling. Now the entire property is condemned? I'd probably be brought up on charges of physical harassment, too.

Anonymous said...

Too many people think they can screw with building and zoning inspectors. This is what happens when they do. Now this fellow will have a criminal record. If he is disgruntled over the City's decision he should take it to the courts and not the street!

Mark Baker said...

7:12 - idiot

7:39 - correct

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Baker

Name calling makes no valid point and makes you appear less than intelligent. The poster at 7:12 only seems sympathetic to the property owners dilemma and can understand the frustration one would feel. If you've ever had to deal with City Hall and a building inspector that can be a complete ass, you might understand. Granted, the circumstances leading up to the alleged "harassment" isn't known, so I'll wait until I hear both sides before I make a judgement of who is an idiot and who is correct.

Anonymous said...

Gotta keep that temper in check or it will cost you.

Anonymous said...

Transitory Anger as a mitigating factor may be a valid legal arguement.

Anonymous said...

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