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Monday, July 22, 2013

Trouble in West Easton Wingnut Paradise

There's trouble in West Easton Wingnut Paradise. Nearly every one of Tricia Mezzacappa's blog entries about political prisoner Jim Gregory have been deleted. Her picture is no longer the profile picture on Gregory's Facebook page.

Has the alliance of Wicked Witch of West Easton and Joker Jim vanished?

"[Redacted] The Liar Threw Away A Great Deal" (7/8/13), "Cheesey Cheeto Zito Has a Big Political Pal" (7/3/13), "The Ugly Truth About [Redacted]" (7/6/13), "What Does One Cook During a Heat Wave?" (6/24/13), "Lets Have a Discussion about PFA Laws" (7/9/13), "Dear Jim, Your Camaro Is Safe and Sound and SWEEEEEEET!" (7/14/13), "A Potbelly Pig and a Poodle" (6/26/13), "BEWARE NRA MEMBERS: Blue Grillhouse" (7/11/13), "Father's Day 2013: Earl Has a New Dad" (6/16/13), "Earl and Jim Have More Fun in West Easton" (6/22/13) have all vanished.


I told you she's a witch.

In addition to deleting those Gregory posts, Mezzacappa got rid of a few poorly advised  few weekend entries.

One announced that she and Gregory were forming a nonprofit called The Innocence Project (never mind that there already is an Innocence Project) that would raise money to free wrongly convicted victims. They would champion the cause of Michael Piper, convicted last year of repeatedly raping a 12 year-old girl over a  1 1/2 year period. Mezzacappa published a handwritten letter from Piper, claiming that the little girl set him up.


Then there was a bizarre entry about Kirkland Village, where she may have been employed.


She hints that Gregory may very well have had a change of heart concerning his behavior, claiming he's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Or more likely, a return to Planet Earth after a heart-to-heart with a lawyer.

Open carry advocate Mezzacappa wraps things up by fantasizing about my death again.

"Is it only me, or are their [sic] other people who would like to see his head prominently displayed on a target bale at a rifle range?" she asks.

I do have a rather large head.

She also asks, "Why can't some 18-wheeler cut O'Hare and his bike in half? Oopsie."

Nothing wrong with her. In fairness, I do think she did a great job in The Wizard of Oz.

I tried contacting Gregory in his jail cell.

"Evening Commissioner," he said. "Ever wonder how I got these scars?"

I'm thinking botox.


Anonymous said...

Remember one of Gregory's Mensa idea's were he claims his nephew, "bought, owned" the WEF. I don't recall the entire tale but some kind of goofy deal so Gregory could claim innocence.

These two Mezzaluna and Gregory are both crazy and hopefully the recorded phone calls and the WEF that was copied before being deleted will be enough for the courts to deem Gregory still very much a loos canon and soon found the same about Cappa.

They are not just crazy but also dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Mezza/Gregory/? Axis of Evil! like Mussolini/Stalin (didnt break Godwins law)

Anonymous said...

Over at the WE Footfetish, her latest entry about J Edger Hoover is a hoot. Her enemies list is impressive. Bernie still gets top billing but under him is a cast of talent covering all the top county leaders. It seems nothampton county officials are finding out what West Easton has been dealing with for over a decade.

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa needs to bring out the nukes and expand her local war. She should start making connections between county and state officials. I'm sure she can twist something to show that O'Hare controls them, as well.

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa is paranoid. Her hate for others is palpable, and she has very little common sense. The problem is she carries a gun and fantasizes about using it.

Anonymous said...

Is there any evidence of a crime?

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I'm impressed! 916am is obviously on to you and your diabolical plans. That you have state officials under your control as well as county officials is a lofty achievement indeed. Have you made inroads at the Federal level yet?

It's good to be the puppet master!

The Banker

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Is there any evidence of a crime?"

Yes. Her death fantasies are evidence.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Have you made inroads at the Federal level yet?"

Angle and I have made inroads there. Our ultimate goal is world domination. Once that is achieved, it's party time!

Anonymous said...

No fuckin' way !!!!!
Lehigh County is undisputed wingnut Paradise ( that includes its county seat, the Queen City)!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love you Trish. You are the woman Jim Gregory needs. Strong and independent and fearless.

Amen Sister

Anonymous said...

I love you too, Trish. Have you abandoned me? Jim gave me your address and I wrote you. The guards told me you took up my cause to prove my innocence. Visit me so we can talk. Wear that schoolgirl outfit Jim told me you have.
Michael Piper