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Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue Grillhouse a Mezzacappa-Free Zone

Other than political fundraisers, I've only ever been to the Blue once. I nearly had a heart attack the one time I was there. It was not the food, which is great, but the prices. $7 for a garden salad? $7 for a frickin' baked potato? That's a lot for a spud. So I impress the ladies by taking them to Wendy's, for the 99 menu. Who doesn't love a Frosty?  But I'm about to make a return to the Blue, and intend to become a regular. You see, the Blue has become a Mezzacappa-free zone, making it a little slice of heaven on earth.

How did this happen?

Mezzacappa tried to make reservations there for her birthday, but had a fit when she was told show won't be able to prance up and down the place with her pea-shooter in a holster. So now, she wants everyone to stay away, and has threatened to start a monthly protest.

While she brays about her statutory right to open carry, she ignores the constitutional right of private business owners to do what they think will make their businesses safe for their employees and customers. In addition, they have the right to create their own ambiance. That need not be dictated by Tricia Gregacappa.

Her license to carry a concealed firearm has been revoked, and she has no right to transport a gun, loaded or unloaded, in a vehicle. So how the Hell would she get the gun there without breaking the law?

Maybe by broomstick.


Anonymous said...

jim can carry. perfectly legal

Bernie O'Hare said...

Every time you drive somewhere with your gun, you are breaking the law. You will eventually be arrested.

Anonymous said...

How can Jim carry? he has a PFA on him. he cannot have any weapons, his or anyone else's.

Oh please! screw even this simple concept up. If we are lucky we will get a two for one, with the two of you whack jobs going into the can.

The county can then breath easier. At least women will feel safe from abuse.

Anonymous said...

she gives legal gun owners a bad name.

I am a staunch gun rights advocate, but the way she acts paints us all as extremists and actually plays into the gun confiscators and liberals hands.

you do have a right to open carry.

However, the property owner also has the right to dictate what rules he wants to govern his OWN property.

Anonymous said...

they were more afraid of all of those candles - have to have the fire dept on stand by

you know plastic really smells when it's burning

Anonymous said...

Always liked blue and even moreso now. blue is a really beautiful place that would be cheapened by her very presence. It's addition by subtraction for blue. I'll pay $7 for a salad; knowing that lunatic won't show up stinking of pig and causing problems for the peaceable. What a great place. This post has convinced me to switch my Friday, date-night reservation to blue.

And yes Bernie, Frostys are simply exquisite.

Anonymous said...

There's a LANTA route past there, can she carry on the bus?

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's a vehicle, so NO.

Anonymous said...

Bernie reported on Tricia Mezzacappa's appearance at a GOP fundraiser a few weeks ago openly carrying her gun. Among the comments was this one by TM: "Even though the event was a public function, it took place on private property. If Dr. Amin had asked me to put it away, there would have been no further discussion about it. He owns it...its HIS choice."

She acknowledged that Dr. Amin, the owner of the property where the fundraiser was held, had the right to ban guns. But, in this instance, the Blue Grillhouse doesn't have the right to control its private property and should be the target of protest and retaliation?

She's all about her "gun rights" but doesn't really respect the rights of anyone else, including the property owner or the other patrons of the restaurant. In fact, if she is transporting her gun in a vehicle without a LTCF, she doesn't respect the firearms laws either.

Anonymous said...

Most saloons from Dodge City to Silverton to Tombstone had check your gun rules. They're quintessentially American. TM should salute Blue's homage to the Old West.

Anonymous said...

Wild Wild West!!

Anyone for a bus ride to AC?