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Friday, July 19, 2013

The County Counters

At the end of every Council meeting, Council Clerk Frank Flisser is called on to deliver a report. It varies from "No report" to "My dog ate it." But last night, he spoke. He told the tale of Ted and Jane Tofari, who plan to visit every county courthouse in the country. There are 3,143 of them, if you're counting.

Jane and Ted dropped in at both Lehigh (#3,000) and Northampton (#3,001) County courthouses earlier this week. When they get to each courthouse, they also look around until they find a coin.

In Allentown, that must have taken a long time because the City probably already grabbed it. You see, fancy parking meters surround the courthouse, and magically revert to 0 when someone pulls out of his spot. In Easton, it's much easier to park and find money. Even with an RV, the Tofaris could probably park for free if they were willing to climb the Washington Street hill. On the way up, they could find lots of money by rifling through the pockets of those who never made it up.

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