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Friday, July 19, 2013

Best (Worst) Angle Shot Ever

Northampton County Solicitor Dan Spengler is a quiet unassuming guy. But last night, he gave former Council member Ron Angle the worst (or best) shot I've ever seen aimed at him. The sad part is that Angle was not there to respond.

At issue is a goofy ordinance proposed by Lamont McClure, which prevents an Executive from using a competitive bid for services if he's already started a negotiated bid process called RFP. (Request for Proposals). This is the result of John Stoffa's attempts to award a transportation contract at Gracedale to Lifestar. After Council repeatedly rejected Lifestar in the RFP process, Stoffa just went with a competitive bid, hoping to save the County over $800,000. Council, upset at the end run, sued.

The problem with last night's ordinance, as pointed out by Danny Spengler, is it doesn't really solve the problem. The Executive can continue with his choice in the RFP process, and Council can reject it ad infinitum, with no resolution.

Unhappy with McClure's proposal, Council member Scott Parsons complained, "If you're going to fix it, fix the whole thing." But Council member Ken Kraft countered, "What you want is utopia, and you can't get there unless you're from the Slate Belt."

Personally, I thought it was Nazareth.

Spengler, as Solicitor to former Executive Glenn Reibman, often tangled with Angle. He told Council this whole ordinance was enacted as an "Angle special," in reaction to Angle's belief that a contract award to Colonial Healthcare was directly related to their contributions to Reibman. But his ordinance fails to spell out what happens in the event of an impasse between Council and the Executive.

"When a skunk leaves, sometimes the stink remains," said Spengler.  

This, of course, is a vicious personal attack on someone who was not even present to defend himself. I'm sure Ron will laugh his ass off when he hears about this shot.


Anonymous said...

Angle is and has been irrelevant in NorCo politics since he got beat in his last election.

Isn't he busy with forging Gregory's will?


Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

Anonymous said...

Ron who??

Anonymous said...

Ron Angle, move over. Jim Gregory is the new sheriff of crazy town!