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Monday, July 22, 2013

Ice Cream Floats For a Cause

Front: Brothers Chase (age 8) and Jackson (age 5) Barlok
Rear: Trisha Mukherjee (age 8), Marina Taddeo (age 9) and Tanaya Mukherjee (age 12)
While most kids enjoy spending hot Summer days at the pool, one group of enterprising Hanover Township kids is busily raising money for different causes at a bi-weekly ice cream float stand off of Macada Road. With ice cream in one hand and soda in another, they're making money. They've raised $82 for animal shelter Peaceable Kingdom a few weeks ago, and another $117 for diabetes research on the hottest day in July. The rain forests are next.

The masterminds behind this operation are Marina Taddeo, age 8, and Tanaya Mukherhjee, age 12. Marino's father suffers from diabetes. "I get upset when the ambulance comes," she explained. Other young philanthropists include Tanaya's sister Trisha, age 8, and brothers Chase and Jackson Barlok, aged 8 and 5.

Chase and Jackson were eating up the profits.

Asked whether they might mix things up with a lemonade stand or a kissing stand for the boys, Marina flatly said No.

"That would be gross," she said.
"You're gonna' buy one of my floats," Marina Taddeo announces, as sisters Trisha and Tanaya Mukherjee supervise.
Despite all this beauty, no kisses are being sold at the ice cream float stand


Anonymous said...

It's good to see kids with a community spirit. Hopefully, the local tax collector, zoning officer, or some other government official doesn't squash their dreams. I've read too many stories of some a-hole shutting down kids' lemonade stands because they didn't have a permit, or some other nonsense.

Anonymous said...

If they were selling floats, they have some explaining to do regarding trafficking in dairy products without proper inspections and permitting. It may seem onerous, but it's really just a progressive approach to keeping an eye on everybody and keeping us safe. Monsanto looked innocent in the beginning, too.

Anonymous said...

U have to be kidding me @8:31

Bernie, great story.

Kids keep up the great work!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

That's just some idiot who has to get political in a post about kids selling ice cream floats.

Stella Marino said...

As the grandmother of Marino Taddeo I am very proud of these two young ladies. While most children are out playing and swimming this time of year these two children are trying to help others. As for the comment about trafficking dairy products. Since I donated the "Friendlys" ice cream they were using - maybe we also need to have "Friendlys" and Giant where I purchased it sign waivers! Instead of being so negative the kids a compliment for this!

Anonymous said...

No refrigeration or sanitary inspections can be unhealthy. It's also important to know who's conducting business in the township. These rules exist to keep us all safe.

Anonymous said...


Please keep us all safe and never hold or run for any public office.

Great work kids!!!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

The kids did a great job as for refrigeration - there was plenty of ice and coolers keeping things chilled. Also saw father running back and forth with ice cream to make sure it was staying frozen. More Kids should put their time to such good use! People with negative comments for kids doing a good deed need to get a life!! Too much time on your hands!

Anonymous said...

If the kids were in compliance they should have had no problem passing inspection. The rules are there to protect us all.

Anonymous said...

@3:45 (a.k.a. Richard Cranium)
Let those of us who want to live dangerously take the risk that their ice cream won't kill us. Hell, don't even eat their ice cream and just donate since you are so worried about it. Times were much simpler when people like you didn't squawk about kids selling lemonade, cookies, or ice cream from their front yard.

You were probably in favor of that ridiculous law years back that said restaurants couldn't sell eggs with a soft yolk.

Go soak your head in antiseptic.

Anonymous said...

Marina, you need to be commended on your great accomplishments. Don't let anyone ever take away your kind heart to help others or steal your dreams (AKA Anonymous inspections and permitting). Apparently, they don't have little children or if they did they obviously must have strayed in the wrong path which is certainly not your fault. I think what you have done has been an acceptable act of kindness and love to help other organizations in need. Its refreshing to see that their is still good in people and I am so happy that you and your team have been recognized. GOD bless you honey.

Cookie said...

Amen to your positive comments! With so much negative in this world these children are so refreshing and show us there is still some good left in this world! If Anonymous is worried about the ice cream he (or she) do not need to purchase any! Obviously with the amount of money they are making thank God for "normal" (not doom and gloom) people who support these children!