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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A $300,000 "Green" Solution For Monocacy Creek Stormwater

This swale needs to be replaced. 
At their July 1 meeting, Bethlehem Township Commissioners went with a green solution to stormwater drainage problem whose source is the Bethlehem Square Shopping Center. This environmental approach will require even more green of a different sort - $300,000. But most of this could be coming from the state. By a 4-0 vote, T and M Associates' Gregory Duncan was given a green light to seek a Watershed and Protection Grant, with the Township providing a 15% match.

From the busy shopping center, stormwater collects and ultimately passes under Route 191 and into what's left of a concrete lined swale, which has fallen into serious disrepair. From there, the waters, sometimes mixed with road salt and gravel, cascade into a Class A wild trout stream.

Duncan wants to replace the broken-up concrete liner with articulated concrete blocks connected by steel cable. This will promote proper drainage, provide erosion control and even allow for natural vegetative growth. Articulated concrete blocks will also handle heavy velocities. State Senator Lisa Boscola has already provided her support for this project, and Duncan is currently seeking approval from State Representatives Bob Freeman, Marcia Hahn and Joe Emrick.

Though the Township must provide a 15% match, it can be in the form of soft costs, such as labor or administrative processing.

Resident Barry Roth asked whether Bethlehem Square will also be asked to contribute. "Not at this time," answered manager Howard Kutzler. "If we don't get the grant, I'm not sure we can afford this," he added.

In other business, Commissioners approved a Coordinated Health proposal for a 3-story, 49,000 sq ft medical facility next to Outback Steakhouse, on Emrick Boulevard, with 217 parking spaces. Attorney Tom Stitt, representing the Outback, had urged planners in March, "Don't just rush this through." But three months later, neither Stitt nor anyone else voiced any concerns.

Finally, Chetwin Terrace resident Wayne Kresge complained about stormwaters coming from William Penn Highway, across the bike path and onto his property. Township engineer Ronald Gawlick advised the Board that he visited the site and is preparing a report to address the matter.

Because he was occupied by other Township business, Commissioner Tom Nolan was absent.

Commissioners will meet again on Monday, July 15, 7 PM, at 4225 Easton Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Fuck the stream!

RS said...

Why does everyone believe that money from the state, the feds, or another taxing entity is free?
People, every time you get tax money, that comes taxes from people's income.
Remember that your tax dollars are going to support these types of projects to benefit other people.
If you aren't willing to pay for something of only local benefit, don't do it!

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't we do it? You are bringing local tax dollars back from the Federal and State governments to pay for projects that benefit our communities on the local level. The more money we can bring back here for our benefit the better.

RS said...

To 9:05 PM
"Why shouldn't we do it?"

NOBODY should do it. If it goes to the Fed or state first, there is a handling charge. If you have to apply for it, there is another handling charge as well as the charge for the application effort. If it is approved because you're representative had more pull, there's another handling charge. Once completed and possibly at multiple interims, there will be additional reporting, i.e., costs. Thus, the money you sent into the pipeline comes back to you greatly dimished by overhead.
Botton line, there is no free money and as long as you think there is, you've feeding the government beast not getting real things done.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Nobody is claiming it is free money. It is a return of just a tiny portion of the money sent to Harrisburg and Washington. Maybe you'd prefer to see it go to another township on the western side of the state.

The place to make this argument is in the state house. It is utter nonsense here. But that nutter thinking is what BT is going to get if Breslin is elected.