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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Gregory/Mezzacappa Chronicles: Part 4

This is my last installment of the jailhouse conversations that West Easton Wingnut Tricia Mezzacappa strangely published on Facebook, supposedly at Jim Gregory's behest.

In this July 18 conversation, we learn that the "Sicilian connection" put Jim Gregory in jail. His mother thinks he has a gambling problem. She won't give him another cent. Mezzacappa, who wants to know where Gregory's money is located, is dropping off one of his checks for Attorney Gary Asteak. She thinks someone broke into her house, and asks Gregory whether he spoke to Tom Bachik.

Bachik is one of the three Deputy Sheriffs who resigned as a result of Mezzacappa's leaked LTCF application.

Does he now work at the jail?

Gregory also calls Warden Todd Buskirk a "piece of shit."

You have a collect call from "Jim Gregory" press 1 to accept

Trish: Hi

Jim: Its the sicilian connection

Trish: What?

Jim: The sicillian connection. Spadoni, Zito D'Atalia, Ingrassia

Trish: You left out Morganelli and Mezzacappa. I am on a permanent "pay no mind list" for 1st and second amendment....wish I was part of the sicillian connection.

Jim: Did you talk to my mom

Trish: Yes, she says you have a gambling problem, and she thinks you are on some OTC supplement from GNC which has steroids in it. I tried to explain that protein powder is not a steroid.

Jim: ****&&&&$###

Trish: She wont give you a penny, and that was firm. I told her that Lina the adulteress has gone way too far with this, and she will have to answer to god. And I told her I sent you the rosary in the mail.

Jim: She believes everything my sister tells her, and she's as dumb as a brick.

Trish: OK, we need plan B. Asteak can see you in jail on Saturday, but he has to be paid, and I am dropping your check off at his office. I really hope you dont bounce it. It has to be made out by you to Gary. Where is all of your money Jim?

Jim: In my pension

Trish: You're mother said you have a gambling problem.

Jim: I gave way too much to [my ex], she always wanted to play the slots. I wanted to play the cards. Slots are the quickest way to lose money fast.

Trish: We are down to $18 on the phone account.

Jim: OK, call xxx-xxx-xxxx, he will loan me some money.

Trish: Ok, I will

Jim: Hey Todd Buskirk, if your're listening in you piece of shit

Trish: WATCH, no threats

Jim: post on facebook, "I would like to know why Heckman, Seyfried, Slevtold and all the other supposed friends why NO ONE has come forward to tell the truth that [my ex] had no bruises on May 16"

Trish: OK, but realize they will keep hitting you with contempts.

Jim: Has Cochran called you?

Trish: I saw his law offices phone number on my caller ID, but no message.

Jim: Keep calling him

Trish: OK, I hope I can pop in to your hearing friday after I convince the judge to reverse Morganelli, and allow prosecution of Gross. We may be able to get a special prosecutor, and thats what I am going to say. Someone has access to this facebook account. It said that "you are now friends with Bill White" under recent activity and that was not there before. You told me you unfriended him.

Jim: I hope you can testify.

Trish: Me too. I think someone went through my house. Someone called in a prescription for me that I did not renew, and a necklace was missing. Cops wont do shit, naturally. Palmer cops are even worse than Easton.

Jim: I'm sending Doug to watch your house.

Trish: OK


Jim: Just wait till I get out. This prison administration has to be completely replaced. They dont get it, Stoffa is out in 6 months.

Trish: Good things will come of this. What did Bachick tell you?

Jim: I'm calling you back

Trish: Watch out we are running out of minutes

Jim: Bye


Anonymous said...

This alliance will not last. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

The moment Jim's very large check clears the bank, Gary Astek won't allow it!

Anonymous said...

Spadoni is as corrupt as they come. While solicitor for the Sheriff's Department, he had his fellow Villani buddies buy properties for him at Sheriff's sales - akin to straw gun purchases. Conflict of interest? Illegal? Not when you are politically connected.

Anonymous said...

Would you please provide name's, date's & addresses. It make's obtaining evidence eaiser. Thank You.

Bernie O'Hare said...

How about providing your own name?

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is Gregory threatening people and still attacking the judge, the prison administration and even his old friends for not "coming forward", to who"???

This whack job had Mezza contact his mother, a violation of the PFA, begging for money, a violati8on of being a man. You have to feel so bad for his 90 year old mother. She deserves better than the son she has. Now he wants whatever little money she has. Why not sell the Camaro. What about the big loan he took out against the house he inherited under suspicious circumstances.

This guy is scum. He is a woman beating lowlife and his words will hopefully bury him deeper in a hole in that prison.

He should worry less about Stoffa and others being "out" and a bit more about himself being "out".
Given al of this, I seriously doubt how in Hell the judge can release him anythime soon.

Someone told me they heard he could be out in another week. I have to believe in should be in for at least another month or two.

No remorse, no contrition. No acceptance. if I was one of his victims I would be fearful of his release.

I guess it is the worlds fault he is in the can. What a loser.

Anonymous said...

Inform the Judge that Jim has violated his no contact order.

Anonymous said...

After reading the words of this Sicilian mocking whack job Gregory, where is Tony Soprano when you need him.

Anonymous said...

You people throwing around Sicily, know nothing of Italy. Its Naples you gotta worry about.

Anonymous said...

This is the saddest dispatch, as finances and gambling repercussions are discussed. He's an addict and his family is suffering. I don't think this story is funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Gregory eventually hit up Mezzacappa for more money? Did he ask her to return those shoes in order to raise cash? Did the check to Asteak bounce? Or is the removal of Mezzacappa's blogs part of a "Plan C."

Holy Cuckoo's Nest, Batman!

Tune in next week. Same bat-shit crazy time. Same bat-shit crazy channel.

Anonymous said...

Spadoni is as corrupt as they come.
check out the "larry marra" properties to see who has grabbed ownership.

Anonymous said...

I hope the check bounces. This moron needs to be held accountable for stealing PAC donations for his own misuse and gambling junkets. Follow the money, or what used to be money.

Anonymous said...

This moron needs to be held accountable for stealing PAC donations for his own misuse and gambling junkets.

Good point. With the Trish and Jim Show going on, the issue of, "Where's the PAC money?" has been forgotten. Gregory is a moron and a moron who is in desperate need of money will take it from anywhere he can find it.

Anonymous said...

Free the manscaped Mediterranean Meat Slab

Anonymous said...

Taking into account all that Mezzacappa has published and the fact that we are only seeing what she has chosen to provide, Gregory won't be getting any early release. The edited conversations are incriminating enough, but prison officials are certainly reviewing his unedited conversations. Obviously, he needs a mental evaluation and therapy to deal with his problems and that can't be done if he's outside with Mezzacappa enabling him.

Anonymous said...

Jim: Hey Todd Buskirk, if your're listening in you piece of shit

Gregory is like Paul Newman in, Cool Hand Luke. Luke wasn't smart, as I recall his attitude didn't do him well, in the end.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced more than ever that his behavior is getting worse. I would think that all these conversations are being listened to and he won't be out anytime soon. He is clearly still harassing and trying to intimidate his victims. He needs to take responsibility for his actions which put him where he is now. Until he accepts what he has done and gets himself help he will stay right where he is. Maybe one day he will wake up and realize it.

Anonymous said...


You can try, (I know its REALLY hard) for you to mind your business, and stay off WEFP...try it for a day. The withdrawl will be cleansed from your sadistic and ill-minded spirit within a week or two.

Your relentless inventory of every Mezzacappa spoken word, every alleged blog posted by Mezzacappa , a blog list, in order, categorized by title really does make you look like the psycho supreme cybertroll, cyber stalker that you are.

Missing only from this scenario is a DA with prosecutorail discretion, to slap the cuffs on you, for leaking a LTCF app to your lawyer, and to pile on more charges for aggravated harassment, stalking, rape and animal abuse.

The opportunity is there, to keep your filthy hands off a computer for the rest of your life, or at least, for awhile.

But no one is doing it, just to allow you more sadisitic and evil cheap shots at a person who is sufferring in an unbearable way. You fuckheads (Bill White too) think its all very entertaining.

Exactly the same provacation and online torture you inflicted upon a grieving father who lost his daughter in a horrible car accident.

Just remember, J. Edgar Hoover, your day will come, and when it does, it will be a great one.You have no self control at all. I stand armed, peacefully and legally. I am specifically hoping it occurs on my property, my castle, my life.


Anonymous said...

Keep posting more! This is pure gold.

These people are so moronic and pathetic, it's like a movie script.

"the Sicilian connection" bwaahahahahaha!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Most of what she said could be applied to her. Must be hard for her knowing Gregory is still in love with his ex.

Anonymous said...

After all of this, Jim has come to his senses that he really is gay and doesn't have enough time left on this earth to make up for lost gay lover sex...

Anonymous said...

I feel I must comment on the 10:22 a.m. posting. I did not know that harassment, intimidation, possible illegal videotaping, and a PFA is love?! He is where he is because he has yet to accept responsibility for his actions. No more excuses! He is accountable for his behavior and it is up to him to get the mental and or medical help he appears to need. He probably needs to serve at least 6 months.

Anonymous said...

"Just remember, J. Edgar Hoover, your day will come, and when it does, it will be a great one. You have no self control at all. I stand armed, peacefully and legally. I am specifically hoping it occurs on my property, my castle, my life.


Bernie, Don't you think you have a prima facie case against Mezzacappa for stalking and making terroristic threats?

I'm referring to her comments about the hollow point bullets (on several occasions) and the special high-powered bullets (to blow your head off) and this comment today. There is no doubt these threats are directed at you. They come from someone motivated by hate who is openly carrying a gun after her LTCF was revoked.

Go back and read John Morganelli's statement on terroristic threats when an anonymous commenter threatened to "clip" Judge Koury. This is not free speech. It is an indirect threat and a course of conduct intended to cause you emotional distress.

Mezzacappa, like Jim Gregory, will never stop until she is prosecuted and punished.

Bernie O'Hare said...

10:04, aka Mezzacappa, The difference between you and Gregory is that, while you're both nuts, Gregory at least is going to get some help.

As for reading your blog, the whole point of having a blog is having it read by others. It's downright insane to establish a blog and then complain about the visits you get. Only you and your cRaZy, rolling on the floor, foaming at the mouth, blog mentor do that. I think it's kinda' important that my readers know just how toxic you are. You attack good people and defend child rapists.

As for your kooky J Edgar Hoover claim, the court will give that matter all the attention it requires. Without evidence, you baldly assert that the sole reason the DA does nothing is bc of me. That is absolutely insane. If it were up to me, you'd be arrested right now.

As I have mentioned before, on this very blog, I had absolutely nothing to do with that leak, directly or indirectly. I did not know it had been leaked until my attorney called me to tell me he had a copy. And when he did, I did not believe it and thought he was being set up. I did not think you could be so stupid as to list two people you knew would speak out against your LTCF.

I was wrong.

Morganelli is a prosecutor, not a persecutor. You want charges filed bc you are pursuing a vendetta, not for any other reason. You admit in your own petition that you hate Kelly Gross. With a complete absence of evidence - and that's because there is none - you now want me charged, too.

While engaged in multiple fantasies about how nice it would be to kill me, you have called the DA, Callahan and others corrupt.

You are a sick person, and I suggest you run to the banner of the child rapist. It's where you belong.

Bernie O'Hare said...

11:03, It is not stalking or terroristic threats. For one thing, it is not a threat. But it is a fantasy and is designed to cause alarm. It is the third time in two days. So far, I have resisted the urge to file a private criminal complaint against her.

Anonymous said...

Sorry here, but Mezzacappa is right on the ball.

You are an J. Edgar Hoover who illegally gathers a mass of information on people, and then uses it to terrorze them politically.

She was wronged, and you have been blogging about her firearm rights for an entire year. You dont know when to shut your fucking mouth, and now, it seems that maybe, (we hope) it will finally do you in , as you so justly deserve.

I do think she is as crazy as a clownfish, and dont care for her taste in footwear.

But on this one, the "untochables" need to be carted in on their own "pep-walk" as you so joyously described, when Gregory got tossed in the can.

People in this county are starting to frown on the prosecutorial games being played by Morganelli. He wrote a letter that was unfavorable to Zito and many judges, calling them political machines.

They are, he is, and victims are left scratching their heads. Do yourself a favor, get help for your Mezzacappa obsession. She's carring, I dont blame her...hope its powerful enough to stop you if she must, and hope to got she can aim.

you're a fat fuck, easy target for most, but she's probably never fired the weapon she carries. You are a complete disservice to public safety and your constant provocation of people serves no purpose.


Anonymous said...

"11:03, It is not stalking or terroristic threats."

I disagree but you are the one being written about, not me. If someone repeatedly published a "fantasy" about shooting me, I would take that as an indirect threat, especially if the person was openly carrying a gun, was hateful and had a screw loose.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tricia Mezzacappa, What apparently bothers you, more than anything, is that I cast a very big spot light on you and what you are doing. Over this past weekend alone, you posted blog entries claiming that you and Gregory were rallying to the cause of a man who repeatedly raped a child over a 1 1/2 year period. You complained about Kirkland Village, probably bc that is another in a long string of jobs you can't seem to hold. You fantasized twice about how nice it would be to kill me. You claim that Gregory has had a change of heart and must be d=suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. You would rather he sit in the can than come to his senses.

This is your bed. You made it, now sleep in it.

You point out that Morganelli wrote a letter that was unfavorable to Zito. Actually, there were two. They were op-eds, and Morganelli argued completely contrary to a position urged by Judge Zito in open court concerning mandatory retirement.

So what?

Neither one of them thinks any the less of the other, something Morganelli himself observed. That is a professional disagreement, and there are bound to be many between a DA and a judge. They do not take these things personally. That's because, unlike you, they are professionals.

The one obsession I do see is you with your gun. You insist on parading around with it, and then complain when it draws the attention you seek. For the 4th time in 2 days, you have fantasized now about shooting me. These last two are in anonymous comments, but I can't think of anyone other than you who fantasizes so much about shooting me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

11:37, I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Screenshot asshole

Read PA CS 18 6111

Now you have again (spot on) given rise to a felony charge for Rick Orloski.

Read the statute if you can, and try real hard to go back to the days when you were a lawyer.

ANY DISCLOSURE is a felony

untouchables ???? not so. Orloski will be charged next

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mezzacappa, I believe you already have tried and failed to have Orloski and me charged in this matter. You have failed. You appealed Morganelli's refusal to charge Gross, but did not appeal his refusal to charge me or Orloski. Why not? Because even you know you are full of shit.

Dr. Phillis said...

I did not know that harassment, intimidation, possible illegal videotaping, and a PFA is love?!

One mans love is another womans PFA Order. To Gregory, he thinks it is love. He has so much dopamine in his brain (an addictive chemical produced by emotions) that he constantly needs some type of interaction with his ex. Even negative interaction can give an offender a feeling of elation because of the "contact" with their victim.

I would suspect Mezzacappa gets the same type of "high" when she blogs about people she hates. A rush of dopamine through a sense of satisfaction. That's why she's incapable of stopping until she is where Gregory has found himself.

Anonymous said...

venue asshole.

Orloski is in Lehigh County

Martin gets that choice, and if he does what Morganelli did, he gets appealed all the same.

Of course you back yourself into a corner and blame Orloski.....

However, he's not totally stupid and irrational like you are, and like Kelly Gross is.

Subpeopna time

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mezzacappa, In other words, venue shopping. Having failed to get approval in NC, you'll now try in Lehigh. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I can't wait to see who is in your pocket in Lehigh County, when she's shot down over there.

Anonymous said...

With a friend like Ms. Mezzacappa Mr. Gregory needs no enemies. I can not fathom someone would publish phone conversations. Michael

Bernie O'Hare said...

Me, too.

Anonymous said...

What can be done about her contacting his Mother?

Anonymous said...

"She's carring, I dont blame her...hope its powerful enough to stop you if she must, and hope to got she can aim."

Bernie - I think she meant "carrying." Another Mezzacappa fantasy? She repeatedly makes reference to guns, aiming, shooting specific types of bullets and stopping you - including blowing off your head.

Why don't you consult with a few experienced criminal lawyers and see if they think these repeated comments cross the line?

Anonymous said...

It is actually totally scrumptious to see Mr. J. Edgar Hoover of Main St in Nazareth, unable to illegally find out the information about the Mezzacappa/Gregory alliance, if there is one, or why it may have gone south.

The fact that Edgar spends all of his times shitting up a storm and playing with his tic tac, fantasizing that Mezz has decided she really misses O'Hare and dumped Gregory , and rolling on the floor copying/pasting the jail talk, shows that J. Edgar goes into a full blown anaphalactic episode when Mr. Stoffa wont let O'hare (I mean Edgar) listen in to the taped conversations.

Even Stoffa may have one foot on a banana peel, but is slightly careful not to let Edgar anywhere near the tapes.

It is certainly known by some, why Mezz changed the blog and facebook, and purely halarious that Edgar still doesnt know why.

Like a doctor without his secret stethoscope that is capable of nano-technology sound, Egar (O'Hare) twitches, itches and hopes he can find out.

Sorry Charlie, this one is top secret for top dogs.

Anonymous said...

Tricia said her home was robbed. Did they take her gun too? She has to report that.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't someone making them a reality show? The profits could fund five Gracedales.

Anonymous said...

or pay for the Judicial Cost of Tricia's Pro Se filings.

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa is definitely in her own dark fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa demands multiple prosecutions over the release of a piece of paper containing her name and the names of her two character references, neither of whom would have vouched for her because she's a liar and a nut.

Thankfully the sheriff saw the light and revoked her license to carry concealed firearms because he realized she's a liar and a nut.

At the same time, this nutty liar thinks its OK to repeatedly publish fantasies/threats about shooting O'Hare in the head and killing him. Keep in mind Mezzacappa already was convicted in November of making death threats against an elected official.

Mezzacappa won't stop her insanity until she is put in jail alongside her friends - domestic abuser Jim Gregory and that other guy who raped a 12-year-old girl.

Anonymous said...

Dear Edgar,

Hasnt your keen sniffing ability given you the answers you seek?

Do you mean to tell me you dont know why Mezz ripped down the blogs in a matter of seconds?

Was it the Sherriff's Dept or a designee from the District Attorney's office, who politely , (out of courtesy) but firmly warned Mezz that she is one step away from serious charges and a search warrant?

Or was that not it at all?

Who was it? Who dun it?

Did Mezz ripp down the blogs or was it Doug?

Was it Harvey?

Were they all warned to stop....and if they did not, they would all be eating baked Ziti from a jail cell?

Or perhaps, it was something totally different than this?

C'Mon Edgar....do what you do so well.....find out, and post it.

I cant wait!

Anonymous said...


Why did you take up the cause of a child rapist? Did you delete that blog post because of some "top secret" strategy or because you realized that you had exposed yourself as a total fool?

Anonymous said...


Please find out. You have to. Word on the street is, Ms. mezz was paid a peaceful visit by someone in a high position.

SOmeone said it was Dent, someone said it was Morganelli himself.

She answered the door , armed of course, but peaceful, in her skyscrapers and black house dress. A big broom was seen nearby.

Now, Edgar, this could all be a rumor.

Keep digging and find out please. This is a real nail biter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Gregory can ask the other inmates if they will loan him some of their money. he may be able to do some chores for them. Inmates have certain jobs to do, Mr. Gregory could offer to do them in exchange for the money they get,.

Don't forget he is a highly trained martial artist and could offer lessons to the inmates in return for money

Anonymous said...

"Keep digging and find out please. This is a real nail biter. 1:33 PM"

When will Tricia recieve her new criminal charge's? I can't wait!

Anonymous said...


Why did you take up the cause of a child rapist? Did you delete that blog post because of some "top secret" strategy or because you realized that you had exposed yourself as a total fool?"

We're waiting for your answer.

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa needs help and judging by her latest comments here, it better come fast. A combination of alcohol and drugs has her more nuts than ever.

Anonymous said...

He is not a highly trained martial artist, he didn't even get past his green belt, and the only black belt he ever had was the one he bought at Walmart to keep his boy shorts up.

Anonymous said...

You have grounds to have Mezz be involuntarily committed.

She has homicidal ideation and plan to kill you. She Lao has the means to carry out that plan.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Do you mean to tell me you dont know why Mezz ripped down the blogs in a matter of seconds?"

It was not a matter of seconds. They were deleted bc publication of these rants was one of the most stupid things you could have done. But that's you.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is offbase.

A source close to Mezz has confrmed that Mezz's attorney told her to take them down or he was dropping the case she has before the court.

Anonymous said...

To clarify this saga....

Gregory's ex failed to appear on her own contempt charge against him.

She has also dropped the criminal harrassment charge.

PFA is not dropped and no charges against her.

Bethlhem PD has Gregory's stuff on a search warrant for over a month and nothing. As well as have no grounds if the charges dropped.

Anonymous said...

"As well as have no grounds if the charges dropped. 2:33 PM"

The Judge doesn't see it that way. Don't give Jim false hope. The reality is, it will be a long hot summer, in NCP, for Jim.

Anonymous said...

2:33. Hey brain surgeon, it's called "building a case"

Anonymous said...

Bernie, check out wefp. Was her gun taken or is she playing

Anonymous said...


Which case? She files so many. The only one she has an attorney with is the one involving her LTCF. Everything else she declares as, "Pro se."

Anonymous said...

word on street is, they got it out of her car while she was at Kirkland village

Search warrant and all.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, check out wefp. Was her gun taken or is she playing

She's just trying to entrap somebody into writing something that she can take to court. If it were her gun she wouldn't be so calm about it. She'd be threatening everyone with a lawsuit and screaming at the top of her lungs. You got to know her crazy mentality.

Anonymous said...

Is that why she posted the nra hates Kirkland.

Anonymous said...

I guess she would be in jail if that happened

Anonymous said...

I think it was Kirkland hates nra

Anonymous said...

word on street, blog went poof, she is in the witness protection program

pig to be transported later on

wicked witch is gone

Anonymous said...

Did she not take her drug cocktail lately? What the he'll is going on?

Anonymous said...

What's going on is her latest antics have backfired badly. Gregory, blogs about Gregory's ex, a harassment conviction, trying to form an "Innocence Project," taking up the cause to free a true pedophile, ad nauseum. She's made herself the fool by her own hand and she's flailing away.

Anonymous said...

Poof! She took her blog down again. Damn, I hate when my favorite comedy show goes off the air.

Clinton Oxford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clinton Oxford said...

"pig to be transported later on"

Can we make smoked bacon?


Good bye Earl!

Anonymous said...

And you really wonder why taxes are high? Its because of yahoos like the protagonists in the story and the author running around filing frivolous lawsuits and wasting our money with their petty personal issues. Grow up, all of you. Fuck!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Looks like she really has me now. Poof! She can disappear.

Anonymous said...

Blow it out your ass

Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa - I thought you were holding yourself out as a fiscal conservative? Jesus Christ, you waste so much tax money, it's a crime.

Bernie O'Hare said...

3:23, don't know if you are right, but if you are, I the least of her worries.

Anonymous said...

I guess this broad discovered LegalZoom.com and now she's dangerous - to herself!

Bernie O'Hare said...

You mean, woman. About half of my readers will string me up and rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

Will Animal Control come and take Earl? Hhahahahahaha!!!

Clinton Oxford said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You carry a handgun on your hip and wear stripper shoes, you are a "broad".

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it all comes down to these idiots having an inflated sense of importance. It's pathetic to see what's going on in the county courts.

Anonymous said...

slow cooked, pulled pork barbeque. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

She'll learn her lesson when sues the wrong person and they take her house.

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

Fair enough.

Anonymous said...

I hope the courts and law enforcement are watching them both very closely. If the conversations between these two are accurate not only are they continuing the harassment and intimidation; trying to contact his Mother would be another violation of a PFA. This behavior is not only crazy it is possibly criminal. I don't think he should be let out of prison anytime soon.

Anonymous said...


It's called BS!

Build a case? Takes that long? This is not some complicated csi episode. Besides the case in point is that Gregory's ex has wasted enough time and tax dollars and should be held accountable by the court.

Last time I checked you cannot just not show up or file charges and not show up without any consequences.

Anonymous said...

"Mezzacappa - I thought you were holding yourself out as a fiscal conservative? Jesus Christ, you waste so much tax money, it's a crime."

She talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. She racked up too much personal credit card debt that she couldn't repay, then sought protection from her creditors in Bankruptcy Court between 2005 and 2010. A true fiscal conservative would have cut expenses to the bone and stopped using the charge cards.

Anonymous said...

Besides the case in point is that Gregory's ex has wasted enough time and tax dollars and should be held accountable by the court.

She hasn't wasted my time or tax money. She has succeeded in putting a domestic abuser/asshole behind bars. Hopefully he'll accept the treatment offered him and won't try to game the system. Maybe when he is finally released he can pass on his knowledge to you, Tricia.

Anonymous said...

Kelly 1
Trish 0

Anonymous said...

@5:10 PM - Jim & Tricia's online intimidation tactics were successful. That's why Gregory's ex didn't show up in court to testify. Speaking of consequences, witness intimidation is a serious crime.

Anonymous said...

"Blow it out your ass"

Jimbo might be saying that right now!

Anonymous said...

On course for 100 comments or more today, no problem.

Molovinsky must be super jealous of this kind of response.

Blog Mentor must be going bananas trying to come up with a bunch of fake names for phony comments to his own blog.

It's just not right - all of this is going down beyond the borders of the "City Without (Spending?) Limits".

Bill White? Ha ha. Somebody said, "Bill White".

Ha ha.

Long live The Pope! It's quality entertainment. Even if the quaaludes aren't included.


Anonymous said...

WEFP is for invited readers only.

Anonymous said...

How do you get invited?

Peter J.Cochran said...

Bernie. you need now to cut off this site about these two. Nothing good can come out of it for you. We know you hate the Witch and her alliance to a former COUNTY EMPLOYEE now inmate.They will dissolve on their own now. This will tie you up somehow in non-production just as restate rebounds.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That's what a blogger does when he takes a blog down, but does not want to kill it. Mezzacappa will be back, once she is sure the storm winds have passed. She is an attention-seeker, bit is apparently getting attention from people with badges.

Peter J.Cochran said...

I meant REAL ESTATE -typo no glasses

Anonymous said...

'bout fck'n time!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Peter, time to move on to other stories, I agree. Working on two Allentown stories for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The header of Mezzacappa's blog used to say: "If you can't take the heat leave the kitchen." It looks like she took down her blog because she couldn't take the heat. She left the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit!! You wannabe posers are jealous of the Mediterranean manslab. We want all Gregory all the time. I'll take his peter over you Peter anytime.

The jail must by law accommodate his vegetarian life. This is all Stoffa's revenge, forcing Jim Gregory to eat prison meat. The man wants a tossed salad for God's sake. Let him have one.

Please Bernie, do not abandon this information due to the jealousies of less important people.

The People demand their Jim
Gregory fix. Soon he will be released and then all will be over. His detractors are pulling out like crazy.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cochran, I agree with most of your commentary and learned a lot. I do take umbrage with your comments about Gregory and his union buddies. Gregory was thrown off of the Labor Council and the two e-board members that I know were embarrassed by his actions and the council wanted to put distance between labor and the man slab. I don't think he has any friends left be they union or otherwise. Not a union member or fan but I think they did the right thing cutting this cancer out of their group.

Anonymous said...

I've had enough of these two idiots. Don't give them the attention they crave

Anonymous said...

Correction, I meant to say Mr. Oxford. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

"forcing Jim Gregory to eat prison meat."

I doubt anyone has to force Jim Gregory it eat prion meat. It would not be the first time.

Ask about the transgender incident.

Anonymous said...

Just went over to see the "spin" over on west easton footprint, but its giving an error message to log in. Anybody else getting this.


Bernie O'Hare said...

She took it down. ... Again.

Bernie O'Hare said...

7:50 is correct. I have had my issues with the LV Labor Council, but they handled this well.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:29 You heard about that too, I thought I was the only one who knew about that.

Since that episode, Jim has Bob'd on Willy and changed his exit only status to wide open...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gregory was taught Karate by an Asian man. He learned secrets unrelated to any color belt. I doubt anyone would want to mess with him. He is one tough customer.

He will be the King of the prison within a week.

Anonymous said...

Jim can confirm the existence of the three o'clock snatch from his eastern arts training. Jim's learned to make his balloon knot wink in prison.

Anonymous said...

My question Bernie is since those two hate you so much, why do they allow you to be their facebbok friends?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am not F/B friends with either one of them. Gregory's page was set up so that anyone could see it, friend or not. Mezzacappa posted those chronicles at several places, and a friend forwarded them to me.

Anonymous said...

Gotsta have me my big Jim Gregory fix. Karate Master Mediterranean manslab. Take it to the bank baby.
He puts the Funk in Funky downtown, baby!

Oh Yeah!!