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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Gregory/Mezzacappa Chronicles: Part 3

In this July 16 conversation, Jim Gregory instructs Mezzacappa to bash Bill White and essentially claims he is a political prisoner of the John Callahan and John Stoffa machines. He claims the jail is full of innocent people. Mezzacappa calls Morning Call columnist Bill White a "fag" and suggests that Gregory should forgive his 90 year-old mother.

You have a collect call from NCP. "Jim Gregory" Press 1 to accept

Trish: Hi, you must have read my mind. Just got off the phone with Doug Camaro

Jim: Oh, Great

Trish: I am setting up his phone account with you, then we are meeting up tonight to move the camaro out of West Easton. I will keep xxx and xxx with me though.

Jim: Yeah, definately....not sure whats left

Trish : We'll work it out

Jim: I got moved to general population....AIr conditioning at last!

Trish: How many cell mates do you have?

Jim: One , but he's leaving

Trish: Ok..Bill White took us out again. He's writing about the Dana Grubb incident on 7/4 at City Hall.

Jim: He has the thinnest skin in the world

Trish : No kidding. You're locked up, what a bully! You cant bash him back, but I can. I think everyone must know by now I have one. $**** newspapers!

Jim : Bash the ***T out of him blogging

Trish : I will, he's a real fag

Jim: Visitation is 2pm

Trish: OK, what days?

Jim: I think its just 2 days a week. Today, and Friday I think

Trish: OK, I'll be there.

Jim: I got commissary finally

Trish : Great! Who set that up?

Jim: xxxxxx xxxxxx

Trish: Ok good

Jim: Zito actually requested an ADA to have more lawyers on the case, but Morganelli refused.

Trish: Oh, thats good. I'm going toe to toe with him Friday. I want to try to move it to another hearing date when I can call witnesses, and supbeona Houck and Walsh. I am hoping Phil will be there. My lawyer cant go.

Jim: Good for you,...there are innocent guys in here cause their lawyers stabbed them in the back, and these judges love handing out jail time.

Trish : Horrible

Jim: I can mail things out now

Trish: Do you have to pay for stamps?

Jim : I dont think so, but if I do, it comes from the commissary account.

Trish: Ok, how long is the visitation?

Jim: I think a half hour

Trish: Ok, I'll wear the sky scrapers you got me

Jim: Cool


Trish: We have 3 more minutes

Jim: Keep money on the account, and take it from XXXXX

Trish: OK I will

Jim: The harassment hearing is Tuesday, Barner, I think its still on

Trish: I'll find out, and I'll try to go. I cant believe she did this to you. My ex violated his a bizillion times, so I packed up Earl and moved, end of story. What's wrong with her?

Jim : $$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$

Trish: Sucks

Jim: Its Callahan, Stoffa, etc..etc...political machines

Trish: YEP, counting the days till he is out. 2014 will be a better year. Can you contact your mom?

Jim: I wont

Trish: Write her a letter and tell her you forgive her


JIM: See in a few

Trish: Will do


Anonymous said...

What's Jim have in the trunk? Maybe something the bpd was looking for?

Anonymous said...

Jim is one of many innocent people in prison. All political prisoners.

Jim is now in general population. He is a very smart guy and will help the other prisoners figure out things they can't by themselves.

We should start a "Free Jim" group like those that stared the free Rubin 'Hurricane" Carter movement. He was also a fighter who was framed.

Anonymous said...

Right. Get on that. Try Facebook. Gregory has a lot of friends on FB.

Anonymous said...

Trish said, You cant bash him back, but I can. I think everyone must know by now I have one.

One what?
Adams Apple?

Anonymous said...

I hope that the day comes soon when Mezzacappa has to produce this "Doug Camaro" in court. I think these transcripts are being published by her to establish that this fictitious alias is responsible for the harassment of Gregory's ex.

I found the latest Bill White column amusing when reading Mezzacappa's threatening letter. Especially when it's realized that Grubb didn't take that photo she claimed he took of her.

Has anyone given Bill White his membership card to the Mezzacappa's Enemies List Club yet? If the club gets any larger meeting will have to be held at Giants Stadium.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Doug Camsro is one of her pseudonyms, and she was using it before she knew Gregory

Bernie O'Hare said...

Nine months ago, as Doug Camsro, she established a blog that makes fun of Michael Molovinsky. She no doubt was attempting to ingratiate herself with the rolling on the floor, foaming at the mouth, Blog Mentor.

Anonymous said...

I'm aware, which is why I hope she is ordered one day to provide information on him. I did some research on the Internet and can tie Mezzacappa directly to at least one "Doug Camaro" blog post. Any DA's Office with a decent IT guy/gal should be able to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Her feeble attempt to cover up and destroy evidence is a waste of time and shows a consciousness of guilt on her part."

Exactly right! It makes an easy argument that she removed them because she knew they were harassing and served no legitimate purpose. Not to mention libelous and defamatory. 3:41 PM

Anonymous said...
@"Exactly right! It makes an easy argument that she removed them because she knew "

What did she remove from the car?3:52 PM

Jane Doe said...

She is encouraging him to contact his mother and cause another criminal act?

She is a CONVICTED CRIMINAL. Being a prisoner, Gregory is not supposed to have any contact with her. I hope the prison does a background check before allowing such a person into the prison or at the very least getting put onto a vistor's list.

Clinton Oxford said...

@ 4:20 Contact a shift supervisor @ NCP to aprise them of the infraction.

Anonymous said...

Bernie is the star on wefp today

Bernie O'Hare said...

She apparently would like to see my head mounted on a target bale at a firing range.

Yep,she's completely nermal.

Anonymous said...

YO BO, if she and Gregory are corresponding and he is telling her to go for it and blog and she does, can we surmise her latest blog identifying and harassing Mr. G's ex is the same as him doing it?

I think this prison think is much less a deterrent to Mr. Gregory that a cause celebrity.

I thought it was a mistake for his ex to back off, it only encourages women beaters like Gregory. He appears to be dogging an even deeper hole.

Strange behavior for a Mensa. I wonder what he sees through his lens of the world?

I may contribute $$ just to find out more. Does he have a following I can join like Manson did?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Of the problems faced by police is that women are often reluctant to pursue their abusers. I think she is satisfied, knowing he can't hurt her.

Anonymous said...

I read on her blog that Gregory is being tortured. Since she can't use The Innocence Project name, perhaps she can sell lemonade and T-Shirts to promote a different cause for local inmates. The Organization To Stop Torture In Northampton County.
Gregory's a vegetarian, dammit. Oh, the inhumanity!

Gaylord Fokker said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

Knock it off, you little Fokker.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read West Easton Footprint recently.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's bad.

Anonymous said...

Is she drunk? Hoover... Nixon... Zito... Morganelli...
Again, she's not doing Gregory any favors.

Bernie O'Hare said...

She is not doing herself any favors either.

Anonymous said...

After reading West Easton Footprint it is obvious that the harrassment is continuing. I hope the courts and or law enforcement are reading everything that is out there. He is in prison because of his actions. No one did this to him; he did it to himself. He needs to take responsibility or he will do the entire 60 days, which he should probably do anyway.

Anonymous said...

He should be in 6 months. He earned it and continues to earn it. No remorse, no acceptance of guilt.

Only arrogant crazy. Anything she posts is no different than him posting it as per their own conversations. I hope the authorities warn the people they are plotting against.

It is safer in the community with him behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gregory is a vegetarian, I find it strange the prison cannot accommodate his diet. I wonder if they accommodate Muslims and diabetics? They should be able to accommodate a real vegetarian, it is a right.

For now I am sure Mr.Gregory can make some deals with the other prisoners. They can have his meat and he gets their fruit and vegetables. Many of them would probably prefer his meat to their vegetables and fruit anyway.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am sure his meat is under very serious discussion.