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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Great Police Officer, Lousy Contractor

Former Police Comm'r John Yerk takes the oath
Former Bethlehem Police Commissioner John Yerk was before Bethlehem's Zoning Hearing Board on May 22, and under oath, swore that he and his son are lousy contractors. Years ago, they built a storage building at 1746 Center Street, but it's rotting away. So he asked zoners for a dimensional variance that would enable them to demolish the storage building and replace it with a 11' x 28' garage.

Neighbor Linda Carraghan, who also swore that the storage building is deteriorating, asked zoners to let him build a garage. Yerk promised he'd hire a contractor this time, and zoners granted the variance, 4-0.

Zoners also granted a dimensional variance to Richard and Idella Dickey, 1526 Easton Avenue, to construct a 10' x 20' addition to his garage. He explained he just has too much stuff, and is unable to even park his car inside his garage. "I have to move things out just to get the lawnmower," he complained. He added that he has so many things that he has to rent a storage facility a few miles away from his home. "The wife says, 'I need this, I need that'", he complained.

Looking at pictures, Zoner Gus Loupos joked, "Oh, I think you can still get a few things in there."

Dickey stated he has an architect and contractor, ready to build the addition. "It's not Commissioner Yerk is it?" joked Zoner Bill Fitzpatrick.

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Anonymous said...

That was a good positive title on a negative immediate thought.

Sure beats the negative on the South Whitehall Twp former police officer:
William J. Tonkin IV and his wife Nancy, stealing upwards of 1 million dollars (speaking mini me voice) from the citizens of their community...

And the casino simply lets them constantly be losers every time they walk in the door.

There has to be a way of stopping these losers from losing?