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Monday, May 13, 2013

Fleck: No Payments Made For Brennan Bluff

Tim Brennan is apparently studying the undertaker business
Tim Brennan, you might recall, is the attorney hired by political consultant Michael Fleck to get Kimberly Velez off the Allentown City Council ballot. Velez is an ardent opponent of the water lease advocated by Allentown Mayor Edwin Pawlowski. A Latina, she would draw votes that might otherwise go incumbent Council members Julio Guridy and Cynthia Mota. Fleck happens to represent Guridy, Mota and Pawlowski. It would be in the interest of them all to be rid of Velez.

Instead of filing a challenge, Brennan took it upon himself to track down Velez, a newcomer to politics. He essentially scared her off the ballot. Fortunately, Lehigh County Judge Michele A. Varricchio restored Velez to the ballot after a half day hearing in which Brennan's demeanor on the stand was noted by the Court itself. During the hearing, Brennan dimed Fleck as the person who hired him.

So who hired Fleck? Pawlowski? Guridy? Mota? All three? I've been unable to check Lehigh County campaign finance reports, so I decided to call Fleck and just ask him. According to Fleck, you won't see any payments to Brennan on any of these reports because Brennan never billed him.

He's a good little soldier, isn't he? I see a Solicitorship in his future.


Anonymous said...

" You know we can't pay you for this. It wouldn't look good. Don't worry. We will reward you handsomely down the road."

Anonymous said...

Clown. No wonder the Irish get a bad rap.

Anonymous said...

At least Brennan is still admitted in the PA Bar, unlike you Bernie.

Bernie O'Hare said...

What a shocking revealation!