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Monday, May 13, 2013

Brown Gets the Bluebloods

Bangor Mayor John Brown, who's running for Northampton County Executive, appears to be relying on the bluebloods for his money. His Primary Pre-Election report, which includes the period between January 1 and May 6, indicates that he picked up $10,135.00.

Of this money, $5,000 comes from blueblood  L. Anderson Daub, who is also a member of the Lehigh Valley Partnership. Another $1,000 comes from Louis V. Direnzo, another well-heeled businessman.

Brown spent $3,131.04, of which $1,000 went to Communication Concepts, LLC, a GOP political consultant.


Anonymous said...

They haven't even gotten started. If your fair haired boy wonder gets elected, Charlie Dent and the boys will spend a ridiculous amount to cut him off at the knees. If you believe not, you know very little about politics. Of course, we know that already, lol

Anonymous said...

The Dent connection theory is very interesting indeed. I believe it is accurate and the big money is waiting to see who the Dem. opponent will finally be. Charlie exposed John Casino a short time ago and Brown surely will not pass up that winning strategy. Getting serious..

Anonymous said...

Blue bloods? Callahan owns that distinction. Callahan's for sale - AS HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED ON THIS BLOG and warned of by Charlie Dent.

Bernie, is Callahan still a pay for play specialist whore? Or is Charlie Dent a liar?

PS: If you're going to accuse Charlie of lying about Callahan, please document Charlie's lies.

Hypocrites without good excuses want to know.

Uncle Remus said...

maybe brown can take another trip with all that money after he get's his butt handed to him on a platter

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:51, I have refuted you before. I never on this blog claimed that Callahan engaged in pay to play or is for sale. Nor did Charlie Dent. In the future I will delete your false claim, Blog Mentor.

Anonymous said...

All that Brown money is cushion change to bought-and-paid-for Callahan.

How much does a police cruiser cost?

Will NorCo employees be comfortable with a guy who had to borrow money and play shell games to make Bethlehem?

We've been warned - a lot.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Dent did accuse Callahan of pay to play. It was in their debate and it was a very clear charge where Charlie cited examples. I'll look for the story. Both papers reported the same thing. You reported Charlie's comments here too.
Your change of heart is noted. But don't rewrite Charlie's comments. You could look it up!

Bernie O'Hare said...

You do that.