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Monday, May 13, 2013

Why Is Lamont McClure Smiling?

Why is Lamont McClure, or as the unions call him, "Maclure," smiling? His Pre-Primary Campaign Finance Report, filed on Friday for the period between January 1 and May 6, is nothing to smile about, unless his entire candidacy is a joke. He raised just $18,450.00 on top of the $15,342.96 he had at the beginning of the year. He spent more than he had, $41,256.54, putting his campaign in the red. At this moment, there is $16,270.31 in unpaid campaign debt.

Considering that McClure is incapable of managing his own campaign finances, I question how he could possibly hope to manage a $330 million budget, especially since he's already made a no-tax hike pledge. That might sound good to some guy sitting in a bar, but it's irresponsible, just like McClure's finance report.

Looking at that report a little more closely, there's only $350 in contributions of $50 or less, and only $2,050 in contributions between $50 and $250. If McClure really had the grassroots support claimed, there should be page after page of small donations.

How about unions? After all, AFSCME endorsed him. Their Business Agent, Justus James, was at McClure's announcement. They've given him nothing. Nada. SEIU has held back, too. Private sector unions have kicked in about $4,500, but that's laughable in an Executive race. They obviously smell a loser. While McClure is willing to spend money he doesn't have, unions aren't that stupid. They won't waste money on a candidate who is going to lose.

District Attorney John Morganelli, who is friendly with McClure and employs his wife, always contributes to McClure's campaigns. But not this time. Even Peter Angelos, the mega-gazillionaire who employs this asbestos lawyer, gave him nothing.

McClure did get $3,000 from Charles "Don't Call Me Charlie" Dertinger, a former Council member who was defeated four years ago. He also picked up $250 from Tim Brennan, the Mike Fleck hired attorney who was disgraced in Court after trying to scare Kim Velez off the ballot in Lehigh County.

To be fair, McClure does have one big supporter. Abe Atiyeh, the scourge of Bethlehem, has placed Lamont's puss on his controversial LED billboard on Route 22. According to McClure's report, that's worth $10,000.

But when Bethlehem voters learn that Atiyeh is backing McClure, they will flock to Callahan or Reibman.

It is increasingly obvious that McClure's candidacy is half-hearted at best. I theorized before that he had no intention of winning, but merely wants to raise his visibility for a DA race down the road.

Updated Tuesday, Noon: The Morning Call reports McClure did receive $2,000 from AFSCME. I missed that in my own review of his finances.I will check again.


Anonymous said...

You just figured out who will finish last in the Exec's vote getting for the primary. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

DA? I would take Morganelli forever over Maclure!!! I would even consider voting for Barron. But don't you have to pass the Bar first? Do you think there is a Bar between his home and the Courthouse on his daily commute?

Anonymous said...

I doubt McClure can even win his own District seat n two years. he is finished. Was surprised the COAF tied themselves to McClure so closely, he did nothing to save Gracedale. He talked and talked u failed to turn one vote or delay the process one day. If it weren't for the COAF people the place would have been sold. As much as McClure loves to paint himself as the Savior of Gracedale, he was more the windbag of Gracedale and contributed nothing to the discussion to keep it. The people that spoke at the courtesy of the floor made better points then McClure ever made.

He is a windbag phony.

Anonymous said...

He might be smiling because while Callahan's vote totals are going down, his are going up. Dont believe it?? Ask Callahan's pollsters or Dent's pollsters..

Anonymous said...

If they dont tell you that, they are lying..I suspect with the latest poll numbers, McClure wont have a problem raising money. Bye Johnny!

Anonymous said...

"If they dont tell you that, they are lying..I suspect with the latest poll numbers, McClure wont have a problem raising money. Bye Johnny"

you are aware NO ONE is currently in the field, doing an actual poll, right

Anonymous said...

As i have said before--If you want your taxes raised be sure to vote for callahan. Too many people in Bethlehem know how he opperates. I'd be surprised if he wins there.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I got this right. McClure will not raise taxes for four years. My county tax bills won't go up. This means that my County taxes haven't increased for 12 years. This means that these elected "Bastards" have been overtaxing me for years. None of them will get my vote. Thank you glenn Reibman for shafting the taxpayer with your 70% tax increase. You certainly won't get my vote.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Dont believe it?? Ask Callahan's pollsters or Dent's pollsters.."

No, I don't. That is just more disinformation.

Peter J.Cochran said...

What kills me is that we have what?300,000 people ,man ,woman and child in this county and the budget is HOW MUCH per person? How did things ever get that high?People like my parents don't and have never CONSUMED that proportion of services in 50 years.All they do at 83 is PAY!

Anonymous said...

McClure should be smiling because he will not owe anyone. Pay to play not for the McClure campaign.

Anonymous said...

County revenue from taxes is 80 million everything else is from state and federal. Most money goes to court and overpriced and underworked judges and their marble courtrooms, then prison, then social services. And yes your 80 year old parents have support systems in place for them lie gracedale office of aging and lanta bus rides etc

So what was your question again

Anonymous said...

The support systems for the elderly have been taken apart by Stoffa and Marcus, right under McClure nose. Were the Hell has he been?

Anonymous said...

Good point anonymous..Stoffa and Marcus are still tearing apart the department and Council as a whole is sitting on their hands..

Anonymous said...

5:57 & 6:13, read the home rule charter and the power of the executive. Then come back and say the same stupid thing again and we will all see if u get informed before you type

Bernie O'Hare said...

The comments at 5:57 and 6:13 are nonsense. At the last Council meeting, Marcus discussed the philosophy of human services, which is to teach people to learn to be independent. Caseworker Jim Gregory, who is in need of mental health services himself, wants clients to depend on him for everything. Wj=hile that might be good for his ego, it is not good for the client. Gregory is fighting all the department heads bc he thinks he knows better than every one of them. He is not interested in these people, or he would not bring them to Council meetings to use as rops. He is just worried that if they become too independent, they won't need him any more.

Anonymous said...

Both Lehigh and NORCO have the same problem with understandable budget numbers.

About ten years ago the state pushed the health services down to the counties. It makes the county budget look much bigger than the real controllable budgets.It added several hundred million to the county budgets , but nothing really changed.

It makes for interesting campaign statements. If the local controllable budget goes up, but the state/fed money declines you get to say the "budget" didn't increase.

Anonymous said...

I would not believe anything that Marcus says as truth.

Lets just take one thing he said...we are providing a recovery model for mental health consumers.

Ok, that may work with some consumers, but not all or most.

For example an elderly consumer with a schizoaffective diagnosis is not likely to have the desire or aptitude to Learn new skills such as making appts, scheduling and routing van/bus service, and understanding medical and/or emotional follow ups. This recovery model will most likely lead to further anxiety and decompensation of mental status requiring more service and possibly crisis intervention. Costing not only more money on the taxpayers but more stress on the consumer.

Time to wake up and realize what is going on around you.