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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

LC GOP Boss Repudiates Fellow Republican Seeking District Judge Seat

Just as Northampton County GOP Acting Chair Craig DeFranco has publicly repudiated the County Council  candidate Tricia Mezzacappa, Lehigh County Chairman Wayne Woodman has rebuked another Republican seeking a District Judge seat in Allentown. Lehigh County's Election Board has revoked Attorney Joseph Maher's voter registration after finding that he falsely claimed to live within the magisterial district. But though he can't vote, the Board has no authority to throw him off the ballot because the deadline for nomination challenges has long passed.

Though Maher has cross-filed, he is a Republican, and Woodman has issued the following statement:

The [Morning Call] article explains that a Republican Candidate for the MDJ position, Attorney Joseph Maher, used a former client's address to register himself to vote in the election district of the MDJ seat. According to his former client's testimony to the Lehigh County Board of Elections, Mr. Maher placed his name on one of her utility bills without her knowledge in order to maintain residency in the MDJ district. PA Election law requires that Magisterial District Justices must live in their respective district for at least one year prior to them taking office. The Lehigh County Board of Elections ruled that Mr. Maher did not live at the address in which he was registered to vote, and invalidated his voter registration. All of this was confirmed by Timothy Benyo, Chief Clerk to the Election Board of Lehigh County.

From time to time, leaders are required to make difficult decisions in order to maintain the integrity of their organization. Since I have been Chairman, I have been an advocate for free market politics in Lehigh County by urging the LCRC not to endorse candidates during the primary elections. However, I believe it is most important that we elect judges who have the highest moral character since they are charged with the responsibility for providing a fair and impartial courtroom within their respective election district. It is also incumbent upon us, as Republicans, to condemn any person who uses the Republican name and does not represent themselves or their candidacy with an excellent moral character. Therefore, I find that this is a rare circumstance in which it is my obligation to publicly support a candidate during a contested Primary Election.

Based upon the factual evidence presented to the Lehigh County Board of Elections and after consulting with the Executive Committee, the LCRC condemns Mr. Maher’s behavior as unbecoming of a candidate for a Magisterial District Justice position. Per Rule IX in the LCRC By-Laws, I personally endorse Attorney Christy Schlottman, who is the only other Republican candidate in that particular Magisterial District Justice race. I would urge each of you to do the same thing. Ms. Schlottman has a proven track record of excellent moral character and understanding of the law.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at waynewoodman@gmail.com.


Wayne Woodman

Chairman LCRC


Anonymous said...

"I have been an advocate for free market politics..."

Really? Last year in the contested US Sen primary you became Steve Welch's finance chair. Then you nominated him for endorsement from the floor of State Committee.

What principles you have. At least brag about something honest.

Anonymous said...

Plus King Wayne is actively suporting and raising funds for Scott Ott in the county executive primary.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if his wife's mansion has Ott signs out front? Oh it's not me it's her that's supporting him! Woodman is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Not I mention all the other trouble Maher has been in. Beat up two of his ex-wives and has had protection from abuse orders filed against him. Not really an upstanding guy in my book.

Anonymous said...

How do these guys get away with this stuff? He should have charges pressed against him or SOMETHING. Isnt it illegal or identity theft or fraud if you pull what Maher did?