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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bethlehem Now Has EMS Bike Medics

Bethlehem's Bike Medic Team is an inexpensive preparedness initiative that will be able access remote areas of the city, such as the tow path during running events, to evaluate and treat patients prior to getting the patient to the ambulance.

I could have used one on Saturday. ... and Sunday ... and  ... forget it.

Training will be provided by Police Chief Jason Schiffer, who is a certified International Police Mountain Bike Association instructor (IPEMBA).


Uncle Remus said...

bethlum needs to quit catering to these pedal pushers. instead of pandering to their every whim what about enforcing the laws they constantly break

Anonymous said...


Your an asshole

Anonymous said...

The EMS on bikes will primarily be for special events, not to serve other cyclists just because they happen to be on bikes. Thanks for the hostility, though, Uncle Remus.

Anonymous said...

I want to see Guth on a bike..that will be interesting...LMAO