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Monday, May 20, 2013

Hanover Tp Says Thanks to Our Armed Services

Armed Services Park is located on Route 512. 
On Armed Forces Day, May 18, Hanover Township paid homage to the 2.27 men and women serving in the United States armed forces in a ceremony at Armed Services Park. About thirty people listened to brief remarks from Congressman Charlie Dent and CPT John Wittmaak, Commander of CO C, 228th BSR. But as always, The Dream Kids stole the show with their singing.

LeRohn "Dan" Dreysher performed taps, something he has now done at area remembrances nearly 2,800 times.

Dream Kids Amber Glose, Jillian Skerchak, Christina Karabyik and Hailey Durner

Color Guard SPC Lucas Lucier, SFC Donald Lotting, PFS Sarah Tolley and PFC Oliver Burgos arr soldiers with the Pa. Army Nat'l Guard, Alpha Company, 228th BSB, 28th Infantry Division

LeRohn "Dan" Dreysher, a WWII vet who served in the U.S. Navy, has now performed "Taps" nearly 2,800 times

Without these guys, nothing happens. Public Works employees Marty Limpar, Jim Skinner, Matt Hartzell & Duane Breidenbach put it all together

The reason d'etre for Armed Services Park

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