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Monday, May 13, 2013

NorCo Council Candidates Raising Little Money

Given the number of candidates running, very few Council candidates from either party are raising any money. Jerry Seyfried, for example, fled a primary pre-election report indicating that he raised no money and spent no money. So much for being bought by Callahan, as some have claimed. Peg Ferraro raised just $300.

Ron Heckman and Christen Borso are exceptions.

Heckman, who started the year with $3,011.47, raised $5784.00, giving him a warchest of $8.795.47. Of that, he spent $8,479.64. Not one of his contributions exceeded $250, indicating he has grass roots support.

Borso, who started with nothing, raised $5,638.00 through May 6, of which $2,800 come from private sector unions.


Anonymous said...

$2800 from private sector unions? How is that, she has no labor record and only touts small businesses which tend to eschew private unions. She must have a good friend of the inside, since she doesn't have the track record.

Anonymous said...

You are right 1:07. But I've heard that Heckman got money from the building trades and can't even deliver on the new Human Service building getting built union..Or is that Kraft saying that? I'm confused..

Anonymous said...

Gregory 5:52
up to your old antics again i see.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Gregory is pissed at anyone, including Heckman, who won't act like a psycho about this new building. I know Heckman opposed the lease for a variety of reasons but I haven't heard him bitching about it the way Gregory does. Even Callahan and Reibman think it is a bad idea, so that isn't that unusual a stand to take.

Gregory is a big union guy, so maybe he put the fix in for Borzo to get labor money, even though she isn't pro union.

Gregory needs to go back on his meds.

Anonymous said...

Gregory is not nuts but may have put the fix in for Borzo. She is the handpicked candidate of McClure, Kraft and Dertinger. they see her as controllable. Other than that she has no pro labor background. Politics is funny and nutz!

Anonymous said...

Both Callahan and Reiubman know that Stoffa pulled the wool over this councils eyes (not the first time) with his new building. Unfortunately, it is to late to do anything about it now. Just wait to buy it, dump it and then do the government center building in Easton, the right way.

Anonymous said...

Why did labor unions give Borzo that much money? Did Gregory really pull strings?

Anonymous said...

Borso who is not LABOR FRIENDLY (ask her about her company she pretends to run. The construction company. How many union ppl has she ever hired I BET THE ANSWER IS ZERO!!!! She is a Ken Kraft plant. God HELP ALL of us if Miss congeniality wins anything other than dog catcher!