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Monday, May 13, 2013

Atiyeh Behind Pat Breslin Campaign in Bethlehem Tp

When Pat Breslin talked to The Easton Express about his Bethlehem Township race against incumbent Commissioner Paul Weiss, he denied that developer Abe Atiyeh is behind him. "It’s something I’m doing on my own. I’m not attached to Abe,” he told reporter Lynn Olanoff. His pre-primary campaign finance report, however, tells another story.

Of the $1,850 he raised, $1,000 comes from Ramzi Haddad, Atiyeh's business partner.


Anonymous said...


I almost always agree with you, but I think this post is a stretch. I know what you are thinking already...What does that say about me right? :)

Pat is a good, decent, and honest man. If you have ever personally met him then you already know this. Receiving a campaign contribution in no way negates what Pat told you, that he is "doing this on his own.." I hope you did not take that to mean he would not be accepting campaign donations?

Pat has supported a host of candidates over the years with lots of time and money. I am sure his upcoming reports will reflect that. Again, on his own does not mean without financial backing - Rather it means he will not be beholden to anyone.

I hope you are not suggesting that a $1000 bucks makes someone bought and paid for. That may be the case with some, but not with all, and certainly not with Pat.

Bernie O'Hare said...

When the $1000 is 5/6 of his campaign fund, it's pretty clear to me that he is an Atiyeh stooge. He may go to church, but his comments to Lynn Olanoff were not honest.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Breslin lies about where he claims to really lives. He is definitely an Abe stooge or shill. Would hope that Bernie would check into this. Does anybody really think he lives where he claims?

Anonymous said...

Atiyeh going out on a limb with a bankroll of a grand. He thinks he can buy a seat for a grand?

Anonymous said...

When did Pat Breslin move to Bethlehem Township? After he was stooged by Atiyeh?

zoid said...

Funny u ask when Breslin moved into the township, the township has never issued a certificate of occupancy for that yellow house where he "supposedly" lives, nor for the place where Mickey Thompson :supposedly" lives. They are both Abe shills, bottom line. Look at the newspaper accounts with Atiyeh, he pushed Zawarski to run against Murphy two years ago, pushed Furst to run against Nolan as well and then his wife ran against Nolan in the general election, Barnard has been a friend of Atiyeh for years, they played football together. So no surprise he is running guys against Weiss and Hudak this time around. What does he expect to gain from all this. Guys would have to abstain from voting if Abe is at the plate. Very very disturbing hopefully the voters will see the facts and reality. Express Times article on this did not do justice to the cold hard facts on this situation.

Anonymous said...

Pretty clear he's also behind Mickey Thompson, his CFO and lawyer.claims to live in a house that turns out abe owns.

Anonymous said...

Pat Breslin former lived in Hellertown. Voter records can be obtained for where he used to vote.

Breslin is associated with the Christian Coalition and is a longtime local conservative religious zealot.

He former was the treasurer for Bob Kilbank's 1996 congressional republican primary run (PA-15), until the late Father Jim Torpey observed Breslin stealing Kilbanks' opponent's (Ken Smith) campaign signs along Hwy 378 in the daytime. The story made front page local in the Morning Call. Breslin was dismissed from the campaign as a result.

He is a longtime resident of the Lehigh Valley, but he is associated with right wing causes and agendas. He was also very involved in the pyramid-like business called Amway.

Bernie O'Hare said...