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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Severson Indictment Likely?

Anyone witnessing Deputy AG Marc Constanzo's intense cross-examination of political consultant Tom "Scissorhands" Severson on Monday, would quickly realize that this prosecutor's interest extends beyond the FUs hurled in the direction of the Northampton County Bulldog, Ron Angle. He had so many questions about the campaign guru's anonymous sleaze mailers and robo calls that Express Times reporter Sarah Cassi penned a separate account about the state investigation into Severson's practices.

I have since been informed that Severson, through his attorney, has been warned that an elections laws indictment is both likely and imminent.


Anonymous said...

Informed of an imminent indictment by whom? One of your multiple personalities that comments here?

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

I know very little about Severson's legal problems, but I do know this.

A friend of mine was called to testify in Philadelphia a few months ago about a matter that deals with Mr. Severson. The problem involves improper routing and reporting of payments.

Bernie's scoop probably has merit.

Blah Society said...

He should have pleaded the 5th, lol.

Bernie O'Hare said...

When I reported the funeral fracas, I was told I was lying. Then it appeared in the paper. When I reported that he was going to be charged, I was told I was lying. Then it appeared in thje paper. When I reported the statewide grand jury investigation, I was told I was lying. Then the papers reported it.

What I am saying now is that an indictment is both likely and imminent.

Anonymous said...

Politics: Lehigh Valley Style... so glad to not deal with the hacks any more.

Anonymous said...

If indicted, will Morganelli hold Tommy's hand through arrest, arraignment, trial, and sentencing? Is Morganelli involved in any of Severson's suspected wrongdoing?

Our DA pals around with convicted criminals, refuses to do his job when his buddy breaks the law, then insults prosecutors and the jury system he's supposed to uphold - and nobody is outraged?

It's time for change. It's time we wise up like the rest of Pennsylvania and reject Morganelli.

Anonymous said...

Hey O'Hare, Your'e lying!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thank you.