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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

King Phillips?

For the past year or so, I've often referred to Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski as King Edwin of Renaissance Square, a dig at his silly name for a portion of the Queen City as well as his own autocratic antics.

Now, thanks to Queen City Daily, I've learned that Allentown Mayoral hopeful Tony Phillips has an outfit called King Phillips Enterprises. Before you start thinking that Tony has delusions of grandeur, too, let me tell you it's a lawn cutting service.

Now all we need is someone to play Prince Albert in the can.


Anonymous said...

Candidate Phillips as of last week still didn't have any contact info on his campaign site. No Phone Number, No Mailing Address. No email address. To voters, it can't help but look like he doesn't want them to reach him. If he is evasive before the election, good grief to what's gonna happen after. What's up!

Anonymous said...

According to Queen City blog:
"Mayor Ed Pawlowski got a paycheck last year from Muhlenberg College for six guest speaking appearances per semester. He stopped taking a paycheck this year, but still spoke to a public administration class and allows students to visit city hall for research."

Q: What does "visit city hall for research" mean? Do these students get document access?
Exactly what?

LVCI said...

To Anonymous (7:25AM)... that's still better then if the Mayor had visited the "students"... for one of their 'kegger' parties for research!

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems Tony Phillips is no stranger to hard work. I have to give him props for having a landscaping biz in this crazy climate.

- J. Black

fashionisto said...

i like the outfit.. is that a recent photo?? 8-)