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Monday, April 20, 2009

Former U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan Endorses Craig Dally For Northampton County Bench

On Friday, Northampton County judicial hopeful Craig Dally received the endorsement of former U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan, who himself is reportedly mulling over a bid for Ed Rendell's job. I actually met Pat, who was very nice to me even though my sneakers had holes. I was fortunately wearing my Penn State shirt, which saved the day.

Outside the courthouse steps, Meehan made very clear why integrity is needed on Northampton County's bench. "All we have to do is look a little farther up north, to Luzerne County, to see what can happen when people begin to lose faith in the institutions. We need to have people on our courts who are known for their judgment, for their temperament and for their ability to understand the communities that they represent."

Blogger John Micek's headline for this encounter, "Republican Endorses Another Republican," closes with "And then they hugged." Actually, it was the secret Republican handshake. Dally was going to show it to Micek, but I talked him out of it.


Anonymous said...

No one has any idea who Pat Meehan is.

Anonymous said...

better call Pat Meehan and have a press conference for B O Hair to slander anyone who doesn't like Stoffer or his signs. I hear the count is up to 10,000 stolen signs and McHale has repainted them with her name. What will happen in the great sign theft? Tune in next posting for more lies by our favorite disbarred, deceitful attorney general for Stoffer.

Sanctifying Grace said...


I just read your Einstien picture. That is awesome. "I love Joe Long!"

Piece!(wink, wink), ~~Alex