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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bossman Long's True Identity Revealed

He didn't look very well at Thursday night's fundraiser for judicial candidate Karl Longenbach. Instead of working the room, he just stood in a corner, looking very lonely. And now I know why. He misses home. As this photo reveals, Bossman Joe Long - leader of the Northampton County Dems - is on his way back to planet Nebula.

Before he left, he touched my heart and said, "I'll be right here."

Thanks, Joe.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, and truly inspiring.

Phone Home.

Roger Blease

Anonymous said...

You're such a class act Boonie. So what did Joe do this time to deserve your slam?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Oh come on now, comparing Joe Long to ET is a step up for me. I'm trying to be nice. After all, the Bossman is taking Onorato all over the LV again. We wouldn't want Dan Onorato to get the idea that Joe Long is at the head of a divided party, would we?

Anonymous said...

No he is not. You are just trying to raise a problem to get support for Stoffa.
By the way Stoffa should thank Long for the lawsuit you slamed regarding political signs.
Stoffa has signs all over on public areas, even blocking sight lines on major roads.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1) Danny Onorato is coming to town and Joe Long is going to be holding his hand, making the intros.

2) Thank you for noticing the John Stoffa for County Exec signs. McHale is telling everyone that Stoffa looks terrible, but he has put most of those signs up himself!

3) Some of the signs block sight lines on major roads? Those must be the ones I put up. I planted 50 signs on Saturday and another 10 today. Volunteers are coming out of the woodwork, asking to help. People from Easton, south Bethlehem and the slate belt are paying attention and want to help. Why, there were even a few birds who were carrying signs in their beaks, flying to different placves.

Anonymous said...

blocking line of sight?

for midgets, maybe.

for mental midgets, certainly

Anonymous said...

Joe Long as E.T.? How disturbing.

More like Marvin the Martian.

Sarah Palin said...

He's not that bad looking. Got a number for this dude?

Sanctifying Grace said...


Those weren't birds that had the signs in their beaks.

In an economy sense, we as human beings describe things we see, as our knowledge relates to them or our senses, in this case - the sense of sight, can realize the sensory data. Therefore, the philosophy that describes that there is nothing in the mind, that is first in the senses has some merit. But our interpretation of the received sensory data relies heavily on our knowledge of past, learned experiences, which is our memory.

So you describe those flying things as birds. I am pretty sure, even almost certain, that those weren't birds. That was God in our way we perceive his Holy Spirit (as doves) carrying signs. How else do you think we received our Invocation of The Holy Spirit on Easter?

In this case, God was just multi-tasking.

Christ has Risen! And, Peace be with you, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

Sure angry Priest, now you have God and the Holy Spirit endorsing Stoffa. With the local papers and columnists in the bag for him and his mancrush boy O'Hare peading, even God may not be needed.

It would be nice if Mr. Stoffa would "confess" to some of the false claims he has made.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Why don't you send out an anonymous sleaze mailer? Oops, I forgot, Severson is a little preoccupied.

Sanctifying Grace said...

Mr, Mrs, or Miss Anonymous,

God and the Holy Spirit? God and The Holy Spirit are one. Actually, God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus are one. Not three seperate things. Anything otherwise is heresy!

If you are going to attack me, which was an obvious joke that I posted, get your act together. I am sorry my taste in humor is not to your liking.

And please stop playing God by judging others. Maybe we all need confession. And we all definitely need God: myself, others, and anonymous bloggers that take pot-shots.

Peace, ~~Alex

Fly on the Wall said...

More barn floor scrapings for your compost heap.

Bernie O'Hare said...

What is the barn floor scraping, Joe Long or your comment?