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Monday, April 06, 2009

John Stoffa Starts a Campaign Blog

Northampton County Executive John Stoffa has started his very own campaign blog, with a little help from his son, Jeff, and wife, Barbara. As Jeff explains in his opening post, it's designed to do a little more than tell you how Stoffa stands on different issues. He's hoping to give readers some insight into John Stoffa the man.

Did you know that John is missing two fingers? Ever wonder why?

How did John and Barbara meet?

Why does he build birdhouses for county council members?

What do the neighbors think?

Over time, you'll get answers to all these questions and more, thanks to the work being done by Jeff. Want a Stoffa sign for your lawn? Contact Jeff at JeffStoffa@gmail.com, and you'll get one hand-delivered.

Decorated in that Stoffa green, John Stoffa For Northampton County Executive also tells you where he stands on different issues.

"1) Accountability: I have avoided the temptation to spend money we don't have for things we don't need. There have been no tax increases except for the 1/2 mil open space tax I promised when you elected me.

"2) Nonpartisan: There is no need for partisan politics on a local level. I will hire Republicans as easily as Democrats because what a person can do should be more important than his political label.

"3) Open Space: In my first year in office, I delivered on a "pay as you go" open space plan, which will generate $82 million over twenty years to preserve farms, develop parks and buy environmentally sensitive land.

"4) Open Government: I have opened the doors of government by forming administrative committees that met publicly to consider important issues like our elections process, gambling impacts and records retention.

"5) Independence: I have refused contributions from county vendors or anyone who works for the county.

"6) Improved County Services: I have developed a regional approach to all the emergencies that face us, combining emergency management with our 911 services. An epidemic or hurricane knows no borders. We can now notify 5,000 people in 15 minutes if there is a crisis. We have already used this for water supply problems and an overturned chemical truck.

"7) Long Range Planning: Instead of a band-aid approach to governments in which we erect Archives buildings that we later knock down, the County needs more long-range planning that will meet our needs for the next century.

"8) Reducing Prison Population: Sixty-five cents of every tax dollar pays for the back end of crime, our courts and the jail. Yet our prisoners have a 69% recidivism rate. For that reason, I have proposed rehabilitation programs and classes that have been proven and will actually reduce our biggest cost. In addition, it is the humane thing to do."

Jeff hopes to have several video interviews posted by election day.

You're in for a treat.

(Blogger's Note: Photo, supplied by Jeff Stoffa, shows Stoffa performing a wedding ceremony.)


Anonymous said...

Wow! The Paris Hilton of Northampton County. Yeah.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's a testament to John's character that a couple would want him to officiate their wedding. He doesn't do divorces.

DemoThug said...

Hey - that's my Sweetie's daughter and her new husband.

I got the best end of the deal.

Anonymous said...

Ken Mohr. Was he a contributor ? Does he have a contract with the County ?

Anonymous said...

john took contributions from employees last go round.

michael molovinsky said...

in this politically correct world there are sacred cows that produce very little value for the taxpayer, open space is one of them. you have heard of corporate welfare, open space is gentleman farmer welfare. in all cases i know, about 10 in three different counties, the recipient never intended to develop the land, received much more than market value, and still retains the land.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 8:)4, If you want to make an accusation, make it. Tell me wehere Ken Mohr has a contract and the amount of money he gave. They are called facts, something very uncomfortable to Joe Long Dems.

Unknown said...

The wedding couple is John's cousin and her husband. They asked John to officiate because it meant more to them and to all of us as a family to have this intimacy. The marriage is doing well; they have 2 beautiful boys. A major success, consistent with John's track record.

Mother of the Bride

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mother of the Bride,

Thanks for the update. Next time I get married, I'll ask John to do the honors.

Anonymous said...

why doesn't john stoffa hold a town meeting? that way the voters can ask him there own questions, when your interview takes place on a blog anyone can answer those questions without any voter participation. seems to be an easy way out. maybe john stoffa and ann mchale could hold a debate that would be interesting

Anonymous said...

Was John Stoffa the department head of Children and Youth in Lehigh County when the state had to take over the department ? Did the state have to come in and take over the department because tragically two children perished in Children and Youth custody ?

Bernie O'Hare said...

John Stoffa's record in Human Services is that of the best Human Services Director in the state, whether at Lehigh County or Northampton County. There are several judges who will confirm that, but I will not identify them to someone who lacks the courage to sign his name. Unfortunately, C&Y deals with tragedy every day, and there are times when bad things happen. But Stoffa ran a good office.

Anonymous said...

Does John Stoffa engage in cronysim ? What is Tom Harp's relationship to John Stoffa ? Why would John Stoffa fill a job with Mr. Harp that Mr. Stoffa steadfastly maintained did not need to be filled ?

Anonymous said...

Whether it is Mr. Harp or Mr. Mohr or the HR guy, Stoffa does indeed take care of people with jobs. He stated the Asst. Administrator wasn't needed until his buddy Harp wanted a job. No articles in the papers about that one.

This best in the State Human Services Director is a hoot. In Northampton County Jerry Seyfried and County Council had to intercede to fix the Dept., he went fishing. Lehigh County's Human Services speaks for itself. Children dying and the State stepping in to take over hardley screams, "good job".
You really don't let the facts get in the way of your truth, do you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Here's a fact - neither of you has the courage to sign what you write.

Here's another fact - just a few hours ago, on my blog about Hemstreet, one of you Joe Long Dems actually wished I would die so you could throw a big party.

I allow people to post here anonymously bc some people have very legitimate reasons for doing so. But this is no excuse for vicious personal attacks that are actually false.

Stoffa stopped me today and told me he that he does use Ken Mohr for Weaverrsville/Grube park bc they needed someone in a hurry and Mohr is a donor. He told me that himself. He also told me all the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of two children, which you are using as a political football. As a matter of fact, Stoffa is widely regarded as the best county Human Services Director from any county in the state. I have this on very good authority, but I'm not going to answer vicious smears by people who use the death of children to launch anonymous attacks.

You are exactly what is wrong in politics. It is exactly why a person like John needs to stay another four years.

Anonymous said...

My vote for Stoffa will be determined by who gets this bs of an engineering contract. We'll see if Stoffa is going to cut out the little guys. All indications are that the contract will go Steve's buddies which will the indication that Stoffa wants to cut out the little guys. You've heard me say this before but this engineering contract is horrible and it represents bad government. I don't care what Steve DeSalva says. He admitted to BO that their were only 3 firms that would qualify. So why would they waste the time of dozens? Why would they write it so only 3 would qualify. And how can you evaluate an engineering firm without looking at their hourly rates. Isn't this what happened with the Butz contracts just a few years ago?????YES

Anonymous said...

Okay, so what are John Stoffa's accomplishments? He talks about everything we need, but hasn't corrected those same problems in the time he has been in office. He is teflon because he hasn't done anything, so as not to get in trouble and can continue his nice guy charade, engineered by O'Hair.

Bernie O'Hare said...

John Stoffa hasn't done anything ... except work his ass off for the taxpayer. His accomplishements are too numerous to mention in response to an anonymous jab here. I'll be doing a separate post. But I'll list just one of his departments, Fiscal Affairs.

* Managed a review and analysis of the County’s health care services resulting in a change of administrators saving the county over $7 million per year.

* Caused an audit of our telephone services saving the County over $250,000 per year.

* Renegotiated the IT outsourcing contract resulting in annual savings of over $800,000 per year as well as an increase in the number of onsite staff from 13 to 23 employees.

* Caused the replacement of the County’s Payroll/HR system resulting in a more integrated set of applications, with a number of new web based modules and a savings of over $2.5 million over a 10 year period. (The new software is scheduled to go “live” on January 1, 2010.)

* Reorganized and revised the procedure in the Assessment Division resulting in an increase in tax revenue of over $1 million in annual revenue.

* Implemented “remote deposit” capabilities in the Revenue Division resulting in the deposit of large payments one day earlier than they would otherwise be deposited.

* Implemented an online credit card tax payment procedure as a convenience to taxpayers. The party providing this service charges a small fee to the user, and the County receives the full amount of the tax payment.

* Implemented eRecording of deeds in the Deeds Division. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the office and improves service to their clients.

* Implemented Pictometry in the GIS Division. Pictometry will improve public safety by providing 911 dispatchers with oblique angle pictures of building, thereby showing doors, windows and other exit/entry points to building. Such information could be life saving in an emergency.

* Causing establishment of an OPEB Trust reducing the required annual contribution for retiree health care by over $500,000 per year. (This is not yet completed. Awaiting the development of the trust by the Solicitor’s Office.)

Anonymous said...

$ 7 million a year? Tptal BS. Facts please.

IT gives us more employees for less money. HAHAHAHA OK!

The other things were in the pipeline before he took office.

I got to hand it to you O'Hare when you prostitute yourself, you are quite the whore.

Bernie O'Hare said...

A question is asked. A detailed answer is given to just part of the question. For that, the name calling starts. That's why I'm glad Stoffa is running. Time to rid the county of all the hacks.

Incidentally, this is pretty much ALL Mazziotti. Doesn't say much. Just works.

Anonymous said...

When he shows up. Just kidding hes a swell guy.

Anonymous said...

I like Stoffa because his tenure has been one of blessed gridlock in NorCo. Given his jones for another bond, and council's dysfunction on all issues, taxpayers are better off without important issues being decided by this group. Unfortunately, some county business has and will go undone. The upside, however, outweighs these negatives.