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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Future Judge Felton Sews Up the Ballers

He may be called "Junior," but he's about 8' tall. I'm talking about affable Walter Felton, Jr. , who's running for magistrate in downtown Allentown (wards 3, 13, 17 & 18).

A product of the projects, he graduated in '75 from Salisbury High School, he had plenty of experience in court - the basketball court. From there, he went on to serve as an Allentown police officer for 21 years.

I've known Junior as a Deputy Sheriff and have seen first hand how his smile and demeanor puts nervous courthouse visitors at ease. He has real empathy for people, not a bad quality in a judge.

Now he's sewed up the baller vote, sponsoring a Wall2Wall tournament team. While youth sports are struggling elsewhere in Allentown, Wall2Wall Urban Youth is a wonderful group cultivating the Queen City's most important asset - its children.

Walter, who was a youth officer, gets it. He is already certified by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.


Anonymous said...

None of the candidates is qualified. All of them only want a paycheck.
Felton was not a good cop, and that's why he retired. He should try paying his child support on time.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I consider Walt more than qualified. Based on what I see, I think he'd be an excellent magistrate. This is because of the way he interacts w/ other people and because he is in touch with the issues that affect downtown A=town residents. His involvement in the growing Wall2Wall movement demonstrates his committment to urban youth.

I have checked your allegations re child support and can find nothing. Do you have a link or any way of substantiating your claim, or do you prefer making an anonymous claim? You know what they are worth.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Felton says "show me the money".

Bernie O'Hare said...

How about you show us the proof of this serious accusation.

Anonymous said...

How many times did Felton run for office before?

I remember seeing his name on a ballot or two before.

Anonymous said...

Pay child support? Walt is a single dad raising his son on his own.

Anonymous said...

the only time I've met the guy, he came off as a complete goof ball. I actually asked if he had been drinking.

He also failed his test teh first time around. He might be qualified on paper, but it sounds like he barely pulled that off.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The anonymous venom being spewed here tells me some nasty people would like Walter to lose. If I knew nothing else about him, I'd vote for him after reading some of these hate-filled comments. But I do know more about him and know that he is one person who will keep an Allentown powderkeg dry.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Junior while in court several months ago. I agree with your assessment of him as one that puts people at ease. I sincerely liked him, and am optimistic that he would be an excellent magistrate.

Good luck, Walt!

Anonymous said...


I know Walt as well and he is one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.

The people who are talking badly about Walt don't want to see him win and can't come to the realization that he probably has a damn good shot at winning this thing.

Yes, he ran for Sheriff last time and lost to Rosi but who can actually beat Rosi, I would say the Sheriff in Lehigh has nothing to worry about.

Fred Schoenenberger

Anonymous said...

As an open minded voter in this Magesterial District, I'm trying to find out about these candidates, all of who crossfiled (which is good, party affiliation shouldn't determine who wins).

Gail Hoover is far and away the worst possible candidate. Her election committee (i.e. Pam Garin, Marty Velazquez etc..) reads like a who's who of the incompetents that screwed up Allentown.

While a Police Officer is naturally well qualified for this job, I'm not impressed with Ron Manescu's character.

Mr. Felton seems like a logical choice, but I've heard Ed Pawlowski has a Felton sign in his yard and that will create some doubt for me.

Kranston and Wilt? I've seen their signs but I know nothing about them.

This may be the most interesting primary in on the ballot out here.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:18,

I will try ... hard ... not to haold Pawlowski against Walter.

Gail Hoover had some ethical lapses when she sat on city council in which taxpayer funds were used to finance her travel expenses for conventions at exotic locations. Also, she was the council member who had a fit when she was cited for double parking. I would not vote for her.

Ms. Wilt is a Senator Lisa Boscola employee. Mr. Kranson is a good lawyer.

The only candidate who bothers me is Hoover, who should not be rewarded for her ethical lapses.

Anonymous said...
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Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

Walt is very highly regarded by everyone who knows him at work. He does a great job. He will make a great district justice.

positive reinforcement said...

It is amazing how people will post to a blog just to see themselves put something in print.

Walter Felton is SINGLE. He has full custody of his child. Child support is due to him. He is and has been a wonderful father for ten plus years while serving the public.

There is no Mrs. Felton. If there were, he would be showing her the money because he is responsible.

He is a gentle young man who is responsible, caring and strives to succeed at EVERTHING he touches. He looks for the positive attributes in everyone. I am certain that he can even find one in you anonymous.

Allentown will be a better place when he is Magistrate. He will wear the title with honor as well as exhibit great leadership to those in his voting district and those who come before him to be judged.

How about you take the test which is required to be a magistrate! If and when you manage to pass the test, please publish it in the local paper so that we all can see how bright you are. Your light blub is sought of dim right now. You know, light a 3 watt bulb.

By the way Anonymous..I'm quite sure your towel has not been thrown in the ring for anything positive lately, let alone to run for any type of office.

In conclusion, if you can't be part of the solution, you are being part of the problem. In essence, get your facts straight before you consider sharing and type wrong information.