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Monday, April 06, 2009

A Brief Glimpse at Northampton County Council Candidate Jane Mellert

I've seen Plainfield Townships's Jane Mellert at several Northampton County Council meetings over the past several months. Experts claim that's no way to run for office, but it sure helps you learn what is going on.

Jane is one of six Republicans battling for five nominations to Northampton County Council. She is running because she sees a need for someone with experience in all areas of government and fiscal management. "I believe that my 20 plus years of involvement in municipal and regional government and civic matters has made me a viable candidate for County Council".

Mellert has served the public as both a Plainfield Township Supervisor and municipal government employee. She has been a member of financial, police study, open space preservation, and long range planning committees as well as environmental boards and various recreation projects. Mellert has worked diligently to maintain sound management principles while providing services to the public. She has also worked professionally building governmental budgets, administering subdivision plans and on building projects.

Mellert believes her local roots give her a leg up. "I was raised on a dairy farm in Plainfield Township. My husband of 30 years and I have raised our daughters here and I have a long history of involvement in our community. I think that between my personal history and professional experience I will bring an insightful, mature and fiscally responsible outlook to County Government."

The other Republicans running include incumbents Peg Ferraro (everybody's mom) and schoolteacher John Cusick, as well as banker Bruce Gilbert, Bushkill Township Planning Commissioner Barb Thierry and home inspector Tom Dietrich.

Jane provided her phone number but I feel uncomfortable posting it here. I hope to have interviews of each candidate, Democratic and Republican, running for Northampton County Council.


Anonymous said...

Lots of good timber. We should be so lucky. Best to Jane and all in this blue sea.

Ted n' Tiff said...
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Anonymous said...

We know Jane personally and can vouch for her notable good character and integrity. We are sure she would be great on County Council!

Anonymous said...

i like her and barb thierry on the R side.